I greet you, India!
It’s already like 2 months since I left Russia for my husband to India. What will happen to us next? Where are we going? Where will we live and work? We do not know and do not want to know. As it happens, so it will be.
This truly Indian approach to life was always alien to me: I always planned, followed the schedule, I was never late, well, now it’s the other way round: the plan simply does not exist, it no longer exists. There are only here and now. Probably, so to live correctly. So life is happier
Now I’m in Calcutta, the capital of West Bengal. Honestly speaking, Indian cities are not very pleasant & I’ve been to Calcutta many times before, and every time this city annoyed me, I tried to leave quickly, not to stay. And this time this dislike is no more, it does not exist, the city has not changed at all: it is still dirty and noisy, fussy and restless, full of life in its various manifestations. But he does not irritate me anymore. My mind is calm and balanced by meditation, the months of meditation. Neither good nor bad emotions are as strong as before, they do not capture me. And this change occurred in just a year & # 8230; Yoga and meditation, yoga and meditation, yoga and meditation.
Just ended the festival of worship of Durga, Shiva’s wife. The goddess Parvati took the formidable and warlike form of Durga, that would kill Durgasura (the demon). And she also blessed Rama, so that he won a victory over Ravana. Ravana kidnapped Rama Silu’s wife and took her to Sri Lanka. You will be surprised, but the Lankans believe that they are the descendants of this Ravana! Now they are Buddhists.
In all corners of Calcutta, on almost every street were installed deities of clay, beautifully decorated. All week long mantras were read in Sanskrit, children’s competitions were held, songs were sung. It was loud. It was fun. Probably, this is Bengal & # 8230; real Bengal. Cheerful, colorful, beautiful!
The most interesting was at the end of the festival, when Durgu and other deities (her sons Ganesha and Kartikeya, Lakshmi and Saraswati) began to be transported to Earlier. There was again a certain ritual of plunging the clay deities into the waters of the river. Usually they are taken on two trucks, they sit very important and beautiful, then go the drummers and a huge crowd of people. These people dance along the way, stop at intersections, and the disco begins. The crowd is dancing, music and drums are rattling. People go out onto the balconies, look out the windows! And so down to the river, the crowd is slowly moving behind the trucks, and there are thousands of such processions in the city. The whole city dances and sings, people are sincerely happy! In the air are the unmatched vibrations of happiness and joy. And you yourself involuntarily, even from your balcony, are immersed in the general merriment and happiness. & # 8230; There are only here and now & # 8230; There is only real India & you yourself! happy and free & # 8230;
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