How will you all live in 2050: First trillionaire, finally!
In developed countries, and not only there, the problem of unemployment is already extremely tough. Technologies are developing at such a pace that the computer and the machine will perform an increasing number of tasks. In many industries, the presence of a person in the shop is generally not desirable. Labor automation will approach 99 percent. Places for a person will not remain even behind the wheel of a car, which is about to be transferred to the autopilot.
(which in other countries of the world will only be by 2050)
Make it so that it was impossible to have.
too much money.
Otherwise taxes are 100% or more.
Cho, the oligarchs are not people ?!
in short, give a source, not blabla.
without a source I will overwrite.
I chho lists of 40 000 names I will post?
cho to rummage about?
> Without a source I will overwrite.
In how! You gave a link, said that there is a complete list. But there are only 200 people. And I’m to blame. A list of 100 000, I think, does not exist. Unless in the archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
In communist utopia, it was assumed that with the development of robotics people will be freed from heavy physical labor.
That people will be engaged in mental labor.
And since all material goods are made by robots (conditionally, free of charge), then all the “wealth of the world” will be distributed among people in approximately the same number (still a freebie)
Now, on this path of technological progress, humanity has come very close to this “paradise”
Who believes that free appliances, and cheap, in the cost of food, will be fairly distributed among people?
A key issue for the future social development of mankind.
> Is there a way to change this scenario? Of course. You just have to prevent the appearance of trillions and force billionaires to start sharing right now. While they did not assume the functions of the state.
2. There are already trillionaires. You will not find any mention of the states of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Baruchs, even Soros in Forbes.
3. Contradictions between developed countries are only growing. And ahead of the general rehearsal of the main US-China battle. And I think will start this year.
4. Those who carefully studied the history of species on the Earth’s ball could not help but notice that with the attainment of a certain number of species irreversible processes of species change begin. If people do not have enough brains to realize this, nature will screw it up by reformatting the form and launching it into a new civilization cycle. This is all the more true that humanity is slowly and surely crawling into the next glacial period.
5. The presence of trillions is a consequence of the stupidity of the human intellect, when greed grasps the mind. Therefore, either mankind will be able to localize this tumor and move to a system of social relations in which the growth of malignant social formations will be blocked or they will drive mankind into oblivion.
Who is guilty, that there are beggars in the Blessed WEST?
Our beloved hamsters, Western liberals, constantly cite Sweden and Norway as an example, like PARADISE in the WEST.
Funny is another. What these & quot; smart & quot; people forget about the US and England, the citadel of world democracy.
For some reason, the standard of living in this democratic paradise does not correspond to the parameters of Sweden and Norway.
Really democracy in these countries is different (about Russia, even I do not speak, it’s understandable and hedgehog that there is a dictatorship)
WITH YOUR logic.
Now I’m laughing at pearls, like & quot; By 2050, the population will face an acute shortage of food. ”
Russia will feed the whole world with wheat, chicken, potatoes and pork-this is what is now visible.
Save money, golodrantsy.
Ay, rodents of the Russian roots.
I do not hear your & quot; authoritative and expert & quot; opinion.
> Why do local hamsters not want to reason, are the money of modern Western oligarchs honestly stolen?
> Ay, rodents of the Russian roots.
> I do not hear your & quot; authoritative and expert & quot; opinion.
But when we are in power thieves and traitors – it’s from my pocket rats, it’s my interests betray selling tsuki.
How many oligarchs in Russia – it is considered 200, there is a complete list.
Dollar millionaires are around 40 000.
You started to claim that there are 100,000 of them.
Can not you see the difference between an oligarch and a millionaire?
It’s your problem.
Do not prevent people from communicating.
> too much money.
> Otherwise taxes are 100% or more.
Who will do it?
the oligarchs are raising billions, trillions of rubles, and Putin is going to raise tax at least by 1% a year. Ugh.
Russia is only 2% of the world’s population, they do not die from famine historically. Recently, in the 1990s, Russia literally died out.