How Ukrainians live and work in Poland (pros and cons)
Conditions of life and work of Ukrainians in Poland. Working day, wages, employers’ requirements and other important features.
Clients of Visa Poland, who issue a work visa to Poland, often doubt what life awaits them abroad. Where they will live, how to get to work, where and what to eat – in a word, pressing troubles.
We have prepared detailed answers to these questions, added information about health care and comments based on the experience of Ukrainian workers in Poland.
The labor legislation of Poland (as in other EU countries), really protects employees, allows you to find work on an official basis and receive reliable social security. This applies not only to the Poles, but also to foreigners, provided they work officially and pay taxes. More precisely, your employer pays taxes if you are legally registered in the workplace. Conditions for this:
working visa invitation from the employer working contract.
If all three items are correctly registered, you become a full-fledged participant in the employment relationship and have the right to:
In addition to these mandatory rights, you can count on the European level of organization of social and living conditions provided by the employer:
There are two options. First: Housing (hostel) is provided by the employer for free. Second: you rent an apartment or room, and you pay only for utilities (approximately 100 PLN per month) without the cost of rent.
Large enterprises often organize the transfer of employees to and from work at the end of the day. This applies to large commercial and industrial enterprises. In other cases, you will get to work by public transport, and the employer can provide a travel ticket at a discount.
Nurses, maids, employees of public catering establishments and trade networks eat free or with discounts in their own canteens.
Working clothes and shoes will be provided by your employer.
Depending on the specialization, your working day (shift) will be from 8 to 12 hours.
Overtime hours are charged at an increased rate.
There are extra charges for night shift and work on weekends.
Knowledge of the Polish language is a big plus when looking for work in Poland. Spoken Polish gives you more opportunities when choosing vacancies, and therefore more income. On the other hand, you can learn (or improve knowledge) language, living in the country and constantly being in a language environment.
With these documents, you can apply for a job in Poland by contacting Visa Poland ( by phone and / or in person at the office.
On average, it takes about a month to get documents for work in Poland.
Ask questions in the comments and call us! In the near future, wait for detailed information on salaries and living conditions for workers in Poland.
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