How to save money on products when you move to England.
We move all together, so the cost of a month for food, we always went out big, taking into account that we have 2 small and fairly voracious boy. In Moscow, we went to “Auchan” once every 3 weeks and under the full program we bought basic products, and if necessary we bought the rest within a week, in supermarkets like Olivier or Pyaterochka. In England, as it turned out, the choice of supermarkets is much larger and they are more carefully segmented by the buyer. So, let’s start from the bottom. The simplest supermarket we met was Lidl. The prices are affordable, the quality is acceptable, the choice is small, but the main one is. Buyers, mostly working class. Higher in the rank of Aldi – prices almost like in Lidle, but nicer and more pleasant. Next come Asda, Tesco and Morrisons – much more choice, for example, if in Lidl’e spices are presented only basic, from which it will not be possible to cook our favorite Indian cuisine, then in Asd’e a whole showcase is devoted to them. Not necessarily, by the way, that all goods in supermarkets above the rank should be more expensive than in more simple supermarkets. Quite often it is possible to get discounts, so the wife often goes to Morrisons, with the goal of saving, Sainsbury’s goes above the rank, where the local middle class is cooked and at the top, perhaps, is Waitrose. One can not but admit that the pernicious influence of the West is especially acute in the latter two.
Local Lidl, the city of Bristol.
Lunch is another way to save money at first. The right place for a quick snack is the Pret-a-manger cafe, a very light lunch will cost about 9 pounds. I do not know what local people find in these cafes, in my opinion nothing absolutely special, but they are always crowded with people, although they are on every corner. Another way to save money is to buy meal deals in the city’s supermarkets. Meal deal usually consists of a couple of sandwiches, a carbonated drink and a bag of nuts or chips, and usually costs about 3 pounds. But I’m not a supporter of such food, as cold snacks can kill the stomach. The optimal way of budgetary food for me was the Greggs cafe, where for 2 pounds you are offered a glass of correct coffee or cappuccino, and fresh pastry with meat, vegetable or sweet stuffing.