How to properly prepare for a trip to Sweden: when to go, how to solve visa issues, where to live, how to get there, is it so expensive.
What time of year is it better to go to Sweden.
Sweden & mdash; northern and moderately harsh country. In winter, it’s getting dark early, and museums, cafes and various institutions close before, or even do not work at all. In the middle of spring life boils and bubbles before the beginning of autumn.
The same happens with the passenger flow to the country. Most people fly to Stockholm in the summer, and the next surge of tourist interest occurs in December, especially on New Year holidays. It is often on these days you can find cheap air tickets than people enjoy and enjoy.
June and July are relaxed & mdash; local people leave for their summer cottages, hotels, guest houses and hostels, expensive and not very much, are filled with tourists, yachts, boats and ferries run through the incredibly picturesque islands of the archipelago, the remaining local and knowledgeable tourists relax on the sandy beaches of the city during the day and visit museums and other unusual attractions in the evening.
August in Sweden & mdash; time festivals: Festival of Music and Arts, Baltic Sea Festival, Pop Festival and Festival of Choirs, Street Festival & hellip; Local people start to return from holidays just in order to take part in events and prepare for working days.
September brings with it a slight cooling off & mdash; the terraces are quietly curtailing, the working days of museums are declining, hotel prices are falling, but Stockholm, as well as other Swedish cities, is also beautiful. Travelers often choose exactly September to visit Stockholm, because an excellent double room in a three-star hotel in the heart of the city will cost you 80-90 euros. Best deals for budget hotels in Stockholm are available on
In this article, we discussed which Swedish cities worth visiting, what they are remarkable and how much it will cost.
In April, cherry blossoms in the royal garden of Stockholm Kungstradgarden (Kungstr & aglgarden) and the city is filled with life and the scent of flowers and fresh rolls.
Visa issues: visa to Sweden, visa centers of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.
To visit Sweden you need a Schengen visa.
That is, if you already have a reusable Schengen visa in any of the Schengen countries, for example, in the Czech Republic, and in the Czech Republic you already were, but the visa is still valid, then you can safely go to Sweden.
If you do not have a visa, you need to do it at the visa center or directly at the Swedish embassies.
The list of necessary documents can be found on the websites of visa centers or embassies in Sweden in your country.
Sites of visa centers and embassies of Sweden.
Please note that in Belarus, a visa to Sweden is issued by the Estonian embassy.
In order to apply for a visa at the embassy, you need to make an appointment in advance or by phone on the embassy’s website. The decision on the visa is usually made within 3-5 days, the embassy charges a visa fee, which is not refundable in case of refusal.
If you have questions about the visa and you do not find the necessary information on the site, you can write a letter to the embassy’s e-mail indicated on the site and you will be answered.
In order to apply in the visa center, you do not need to register in advance. Visa centers are designed specifically to relieve embassies from working with visas and help people in obtaining a visa.
In addition to visa fees, visa centers also charge a fixed fee for their services. The cost of these services is on the website of the visa center. If you have any questions about getting a visa, you can write a letter to their e-mail address or call the number indicated on the site and you will be answered.
Where to look and how to choose housing in Sweden by the example of Stockholm.
Before choosing a dwelling, consider an approximate plan for your pastime and answer the question: how often do you intend to use public transport. This is important, because the cost of travel in Sweden is high and taking off cheap housing on the outskirts of the city, you can spend twice as much on the journey to the center and back.
About the types and cost of public transport, we wrote here, and about the types of tickets, travel and ways to save money on travel in this article.
It is most advantageous to rent a room or apartment if not in the center, then near it (within three to four stations from T-Centralen and Gamla Stan metro stations). Thus, at your disposal will be the whole center and most of the sights and main stations of the city.
There are two major search and reservation services for and
On you can rent almost any type of accommodation: a hotel room, a guest house or a hostel, as well as apartments. customers are protected from various kinds of problems & mdash; In case of any emergency situation, you can call the customer support service of the site (by phone, indicated on the site) and you will definitely be helped. More than once there were situations when we encountered different kinds of problems on travel (for example, the reservation was canceled before our arrival or refused to provide a number) and all this was decided on the same day.
Choosing number & mdash; carefully read the reviews on the site and pay attention to the moments that are important to you. & mdash; which deals with apartments or rooms in the apartments. Carefully read the description of the housing, as well as comments. Sometimes the owners of apartments may not even meet you & mdash; just leave the key under the mat, for example. And sometimes they can help & mdash; suggest where you can eat cheap and where in the city the best view. will appeal to those who like to travel great company & mdash; because you can rent a large apartment or even a house for a relatively small amount of money.
It’s cheaper to get to Stockholm.
There are several options to get to Stockholm:
on an airplane that is likely to fly to Arlanda airport in Stockholm; on a ferryboat; by bus; combined version.
By tradition, the cheapest and fastest way is an airplane.
If you like beautiful views and you have free time & mdash; try to use the services of ferries. And before that, check out our material on the journey by ferry.
Is it true that Sweden is so expensive?
True . Sweden & mdash; one of the most expensive countries in the world. The biggest mistake a tourist can make when arriving in Sweden is to start translating all prices into the currency of his country. So you can stay completely without bread and circuses, because both bread and spectacles in this country are worth the money. On the other hand, you can save a lot here & mdash; in advance to find a relatively inexpensive hotel, think over the route in such a way as to avoid trips on expensive public transport (but at least one look at the Stockholm metro is still necessary – it’s a work of art, not a metro), learn the cafe’s menu in advance or buy an inexpensive ready-made food in the supermarket.
Swedes themselves are very fond of saving. Instead of dinner in a chic restaurant, they would like to taste delicious teftelek in the local IKEA, go to a free festival or an exhibition. In principle, the philosophy of Swedish functionalism and the Scandinavian style we love are based on the desire to save money. So go ahead for your impressions! In the end, the most memorable moments are usually free.
Browse cheap hotels in the center of Stockholm.
tegolm every year are becoming more attractive for travelers, but many are stopped by the well-known high cost of the country and its capital. The farther from the center, the hotels and guest houses become cheaper, nevertheless it is worth considering the expenses for travel to the city center and back where most of the sights are located. It is often more advantageous to rent a room closer to the center, despite the higher cost. The central districts of Stockholm include Gamla Stan, Sodermalm, Ostermalm, Kungsholmen and Vasastan, the best hotels are located in them, and we will tell you about the most budgetary ones. When choosing a hotel in Stockholm, pay attention to.
Browse the best budget hostels in Stockholm.
Stockholm is one of the most expensive cities in Europe and one of the most attractive. It would seem “budget hostel” is a tautology, but no, hostels in Sweden may even be expensive. High prices can scare away tourists, but in fact to find a budget hotel or hostel is not a big problem and certainly it should not be between you and the beautiful capital. We will tell you about the best hostels in Stockholm with the perfect value for money.
Top 5 budget hotels in Stockholm.
In the last few years, Sweden is enjoying increasing popularity among our tourists, which is not surprising: beautiful nature, ancient cities, delicious food. Despite the fact that this country is famous for its high prices, it is possible to find excellent hotels at low prices. We offer you a list of the best budget hotels in Stockholm.
Shopping in Stockholm: where to go, what to buy, how to save money.
Swedish style is the standard of restraint, purity of color and lines. Swedish fashion is called a “fashionable miracle.” Shoppers from all over the world are flocking to Stockholm and in this article we will find out where they are going.
National cuisine in Sweden: what to try on a trip.
Before you go to Sweden, you need to know what to order in a cafe, so as not to get lost among unfamiliar letters and names. We tell you about the most delicious and original Swedish dishes.
Where to take a walk in Stockholm: a route for two days.
We have written for you the route to the most significant and interesting places in Stockholm, so that you can make the most complete impression of the city and feel the romance of the most beautiful streets and squares. We tried to mark in the route the most famous points of the city, and places about which the guides are silent, but which are popular with local people.