How to prepare for a MODERN war?
The question is, how in urban conditions, is it best to prepare for this war in order to survive and protect your country and your loved ones, in the event of the onset of the 3rd world war?
if at all interested, then this is the set you should always have:
PM ————- total weight 17762 gr. (without weapons and b / k)
Turbo Lighter (Primus) – 1 pc ——————– Weight 67 g.
Cell phone (Samsung GT B2710) – 1 pc. ———- weight 123gr.
Map (Atlas of motorways) – 1 pc. ——————— weight 117 g.
Flashlight (Fenix LD20 2 batar.AA) ——————– weight 82gr.
Flashlight headlamp (Fenix HP20 1 batar.A.A) ———– weight 68gr.
Watch the electron. (Casio G-Shock) – 1 pc. ————- weight 51gr.
Sleeping bag AER -9 0 / -9 / -27 (Sivera) ————— weight 1890g.
Tourist mat (Therm-A-Rest) ——————– weight 340 g.
Waterproof suit (membrane) – 1 �-� ——- weight 760gr.
Jacket (Polartec Wind Pro) – 1 pc ————————– weight 452 g.
Winter socks (TermoLite) – 2 pairs ———————- weight 220 gr.
T-shirt – 1 piece (PolartecPowerDry) —————– weight 137 g.
Gloves cotton workers. – 1 pair (rubber). ———- weight 45gr.
Filter for water purification (MSR) – 1 pcs. —————- Weight 460 g.
Knife Fixed (Fallkniven) – 1 pc. ———————- weight 195 g.
Jar of plastic. 0,65 l – 1 pc. ———————— weight 130 g.
The plate is deep. + flat (titanium) – 1 pc. ——————– weight 125gr.
A cup of one-piece. (titanium.) 0,45 l – 1 pc. —————— weight 70 g.
Flask Platypus folding (1 liter) – 2 pcs. —————— weight 63 g.
Sublimir. meat and porridge (200 grams per 1 day) ——- weight 1000 g.
Miramistin – 1 bottle. (wound treatment)
Plaster roll – 1 rud. (cheat someday)
Bactericidal plaster – 10 pcs. (for small wounds and abrasions)
Wadded disks, sticks, 10 pcs. Each. (tinder, wound treatment)
Imodium – 2 tab. (from diarrhea, does not heal, only stop)
Rifaximin-10 tablets. (from intestinal infections)
Feksadin – 4 tablets. (from allergies)
Proctoglivalol candles – 3 pcs. (from gemmoroya.
Summed – 3 tab. (broad-spectrum antibiotic)
Ketonal – 20 tab. (anesthetic)
Enalapril – 4 tablets. reduces the raised arter. pressure.
Nurofen – 6 tablets. (temperature)
Blades for a scalpel – 2 pcs. (open a large boil)
Hemostatic napkins – 5 pcs.
Aquatables (water disinfection) – 30 tablets.
LactoFiltrum (adsorbent) – 20 tablets.
Rennie (heartburn) -2 tab.
Noshpa + Dicetel (spasmolytics) – 10 tablets.
Clamp – 1 pc. clamp 😉 and like tweezers.
Syringe disposable 5ml, with a needle – 1 pc.
Napkins of alcohol. – 5 pieces.
Fingertips – 5 pcs.
Levomecol ointment – 1 pc.
Hemostatic tourniquet. – 1 pc. ——- 50 g.
Bint sterile – 3 pcs. (dressing) ———— 45 gr.
Wet wipes – 2 packs. (30 pcs.) ———- weight 130gr.
The toothbrush and paste are small. – 1 PC. ————– weight 70g.
Paper handkerchiefs – 3 packs (30 pcs.) ——— weight 60gr.
The towel is a small microfiber. – 1 pc. —— weight 25gr.
St. Father’s Birth, perm. on weapons, money, etc. ——- weight 120gr.
Flash drive with a photocopy of documents., Special. Training. and so on. – Weight 42gr.
Multitool (Leatherman) – 1 pc. ——————- weight 225g.
Sharpening beams.mal.keram. (Spyderco) – 1 pc .— weight 83gr.
Threads x \\ b zel., Black., Capron., Needles-1 to-t —– weight 21 gr.
Adhesive tape – roll small. —————– weight 15 gr.
Canvas for saws for metal – 1 pc. ————- weight 12g.
Replacement AA batteries – 10 pcs. (lithium) —- weight 160gr.
Space blanket – 2 pcs. ———————– weight 120gr.
Charging device. for cells. (from two bat. AA) – 1 pc. weight 65g.
Fisheries (hooks, fishing lines) – 1 pc. – weight 53gr.
Pat. bags for garbage (60 l) – 2 pcs. ——————- weight 51gr.
If you remember the school. It should be noted asylum in places where you often visit. Vaults should be considered low concrete construction up to 3 floors high. The best kindergartens, schools, hospitals built in the 50-80s. In the first place there are shelters. Secondly, the buildings are very solid. Thirdly, in such buildings a good control of firefighters. Do not use dangerous linoleum, false ceilings and so on. That is, do not suffocate by combustion products. In cities where there is a metro, you can hide there.
Of clothes, I would focus on winter clothes covered with a cloak-tent. Cloak-tents need a few. As bad dust and moisture will settle on them. It is necessary to change from time to time. So is important waterproof shoes on a thick sole.
I’m going to order a book like this.
I read the book (from the same series) Doronin Black day.
Good (to someone I like with other friends)
As correctly noted, if rocket attacks begin, it’s better to sit tight.
And try to find out where the mob is closer to you. warehouses (there are stored Soviet reserves)
Of course, no one will tell you where this is on this account in the Taiga. On the expensive where the idea drove the Urals. You look after 1-2 years of driving through Taiga, you will find out where the mob is. warehouses.
Athas! wrote in reply to the message:
Carbines (hunting) and diesel fuel.
And in the army really served (and not in the barracks crap toil)
At least the Kalashnikov assault rifle will learn how to disassemble.
The situation is like in Georgia. With the difference that NATO went to the aid of Saakashvilly.
From the airfields in Europe, superior NATO forces are knocking down several of our aircraft and new reinforcements are arriving from the UK and the US.
Without missile defense, the situation would unfold as follows: A nuclear strike by a missile equipped with one warhead at the NATO airfield. NATO can launch a missile in response, we will launch in response and so on. Someone can stop until the burned New York Moscow and London.
With the ABM will be all somewhat different. The warhead is struck by the ABM system. Despite the fact that radioactive contamination will still cover the enemy. The goal has not been achieved and several missiles will be launched for several purposes for reliability. And this regardless of the outcome – the beginning of a full-scale war with all the ensuing charms.