How to obtain Austrian citizenship.
The greatness of the Austrian Republic, immortalized in the architecture of cities, clean air, good climate, entrepreneurial spirit, modern medicine – all this can become available.
If you have not obtained Austrian citizenship by birth, you can do it now and provide a future for your family and your children.
You can become an Austrian citizen in several ways.
The most effective way is to get a residence permit & # 8212; Residence permit in Austria.
The residence permit in Austria will give you the opportunity to live in this country 365 days a year, visa-free travel around Europe, and your children will be able to receive education in Austria. This path is the first step towards Austrian citizenship.
To obtain Austrian citizenship, it is necessary to comply with common premises.
Continually live in Austria for 10 years. Do not have a criminal record Do not break the law Have sufficient means to live for the next 3 years Possess knowledge of the German language, democratic law and order of the laws of Austria and the federal state. Positive attitude towards the Republic of Austria. No ban on staying.
With the help of our company you can obtain Austrian citizenship for investments.
Our company more than 15 years specializes in European legislation, in almost every country we have our representatives – highly qualified specialists, and Austria is not an exception. Our Austrian lawyers offer a program for acquiring Austrian citizenship for investments specially developed by the Ministry of Finance.
Austrian citizenship may be granted to an investor investing in the economy of one of Austria’s federal lands an amount of 10 million euro. In addition to citizenship, the investor will receive a high profit from the implementation of the investment program. Our experts organize the whole process, first you should contact Eurogroup and get a primary consultation. This is also IMPORTANT in order to obtain a residence permit for the EU, in any other EU country you choose.
The Austrian passport is not easy to get, but your goal is our work, which we carry out qualitatively and at the highest level. The sooner you sign up for a consultation with a specialist, the sooner you get the citizenship of Austria.
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