How to obtain a residence permit in Germany?
A residence permit in Germany is a document granting the right to a non-resident of Germany to reside in that country for a certain period of time.
Also, obtaining a residence permit is one of the first steps towards obtaining German citizenship.
What is the residence permit and its advantages.
As already mentioned earlier, the residence permit is given to non-residents of Germany for residence within a certain period in this country.
The residence permit in Germany also gives certain advantages to non-residents in certain cases. For example, some people, having a residence permit in Germany, have the right to work in the enterprises of this country.
There are two types of residence permits: temporary and permanent.
The temporary residence permit in Germany is given for a period of more than 90 days. The temporary residence permit can be obtained by future students, non-residents, practicing in Germany, doctors and scientists.
A permanent residence permit can be obtained by those who have already lived in the country for 3 years. A permanent residence permit in Germany gives many rights to non-residents, as well as to citizens of the country, except for the right to vote.
Citizens of other countries who married a German citizen, first get a temporary residence permit. After 3 years, they have the right to obtain German citizenship. It should be noted that Germany does not provide dual citizenship. Thus, when you take German citizenship, you will have to give up your own.
How to get a residence permit?
From the outset, we will focus attention on the fact that the acquisition of real estate in Germany does not yet give you the full right to obtain residence permit, but it can be a good help in the process of its registration.
To learn a residence permit in Germany it is possible in such cases, as & laquo; Jewish immigration & raquo ;. Jewish immigration became compensation for Jews for persecution during the Second World War. To do this, you need to provide data confirming that you are from countries that are part of the USSR and are of Jewish origin.
To obtain a residence permit also have the right to Germans born in other countries and who want to return to their homeland. People who wish to reunite with a family residing in Germany can also get a residence permit.
To obtain a residence permit in Germany have the right, applicants wishing to study in the universities of this country, and businessmen whose business is located in Germany.
To obtain a residence permit, a non-resident will need to provide a package of documents, which must necessarily include grounds for obtaining residence permits and a passport.
Also you will need to fill out a questionnaire in German and 3 photos. The questionnaire will need to be submitted in 3 copies. Next, you will need to confirm the level of knowledge of the German language and confirm that you have enough money to ensure life in Germany. To do this, it is enough to provide statements from bank accounts.
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At the moment there is a job offer. The company requires a temporary registration or residence permit. As it will issue.
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Thank you very much, I was also offered assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Germany to me and the children. The average daughter would like to leave, go to the German language courses. Documents she and her husband filed through relatives of her husband, who have lived in Germany for about 15 years. But so far they have not had any changes. How can I help them? My question is �2874. Thank you very much for your answer!
Many thanks for the answer (question number 2874). I and my children are offered your help in obtaining a residence permit in Germany. But I’m not German until I decided on life plans after my husband’s death. An average daughter with her husband would like to move to the FRG. The husband’s sister living in Germany helps them in this, but so far no special shifts. My daughter is still attending German language courses. How can they help with your participation? Many thanks, all the best to you!
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