How to move.
Moving can become for you simultaneously one of the most solemn and stressful events in your life. To painlessly move, it is necessary to make an iron plan of moving in advance and stick to it when the time comes. Organizationality, efficiency and thoughtfulness will help you cope with any difficulties of moving that may arise in your path. If you want to know how to safely move and not go insane, but, perhaps, enjoy the process, just follow the steps below.
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Take a deep breath. No matter how hard you try, relocation will still be one of the most stressful moments of your life. Despite the fact that it will be easier for you, if you are organized and ask for help from friends, prepare to say a few tears. Many people who start moving, then wonder how difficult it is, so adjust your expectations from moving. Remind yourself that everything is for the best. Initially, the transfer is hard, but then everything becomes so wonderful! Put the food from the refrigerator into the refrigerator bag. If necessary, add dry ice to it, so that the products move the time of the move to the point where you can connect the refrigerator again. If you have a cat and you have the opportunity then to return for it to an old dwelling (it is not far), leave the animal there until the last moment. It is not very good to bring a cat to a new house in the middle of the “smashing” of the move, it is most likely to frighten her and she can stay in bed for days on end with a fright! If you have small children, remember that their first night in a new home can be a little scary. New sounds, a new room, a lot of everything unknown. Do not forget about the night light and the special things of your children so that you can easily find them for them. It is very important. The more people can help you, the better. If you want to clear the aisles, ask friends, if possible, to take things where they should go. In addition, when loading a truck, it is always necessary to have at hand the most competent people in this business.
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Always carefully study the information about the freight company, so as not to run into trouble. Water mattresses are cumbersome and very easily torn. Be careful! Therefore, it is necessary to pump the water out of it as well as possible.
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