How to move to the US without a visa
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How to immigrate to the US with a B-1 / B-2 tourist visa? How to apply for political asylum in the United States after a tourist visa? How to move to the US for a permanent resident?
How to get political asylum in the US with a tourist visa B-1 / B-2? How to immigrate to the US family? When to file a case on a refuge on a tourist visa?
If you want to immigrate to the United States, having a tourist visa in your hands, then this one is prepared specially for you. You will find answers to all your questions, which are many. In order to stay in the US for a permanent resident B -1 / B -2, certain conditions must be observed.
A tourist visa is given to you so that you can see America and return home. You should never show your immigration intentions, especially when you enter the United States. After a successful entry into America, you will have a chance to apply for political asylum. You must apply for asylum up to 1 year after your arrival in America (you can later apply only in exceptional cases). After entering the country, you must be a law-abiding person. That is, while in the US – do not violate the rules of your particular state in which you are.
– What does a tourist need to stay in the US forever?
At the moment, apply for political asylum in the US & ndash; the most optimal option to stay in the US, get documents, and then live legally, like all other Americans. But it should be understood that the path of immigration is difficult and it can only be thoroughly prepared. In order to obtain refugee status, one must have a good history and evidence of persecution.
Mission of the company Stay in the USA – thorough and professional preparation of your case, which will lead to successful legalization in America!
We help you to make your case strong, that is, you will not only submit for asylum, but you will also receive documents in the USA. Our paraligals will write a strong and believable story, based on your specific case.
Your story will be unique, written specifically for you. We also help in finding evidence that must be provided when applying for asylum. Without serious and solid evidence, you can not get a refuge for a tourist in the United States. Here you can read in more detail how we work and our prices for services.
– How to immigrate to the US family?
If you are applying for a family, you need to contact our company for help even earlier, preferably before you arrive in America. Each client is different, but the sooner you contact us for help on a unique consultation, the faster you can get it. If you have only 2-3 months to submit for the interview & ndash; no problem, we will help you get out of this difficult situation. The main thing is that you in turn work smoothly and quickly: answer the necessary questions, follow our instructions, that is, completely devoted all the remaining time to work on the documents.
Now is the most favorable time to apply for a political asylum to a tourist. If you came on a tourist visa, you need to first sign up with us for a consultation to consider your individual case. Now, after submitting the case to the refugee point, waiting for the interview is 1-3 years.
In 2012, the interview had to wait only 2-3 months. That is why tourists who came to the United States on a B-1 / B-2 visa had to file their application for asylum somewhere 5 months after they entered the United States. Now they do not call for an interview right away, which is why the rules for filing for asylum have changed. You can apply for political asylum in the United States as soon as your case is ready. You do not need to wait 5-6 months, when your tourist visa expires, the sooner you submit, the sooner you will stand in line for the interview.
– What happens to a tourist visa when I apply for asylum?
You will no longer need your tourist visa. By applying for asylum, you show your immigration intentions. A tourist visa is given for a certain period, (3, 5, 10 years depending on the country of residence), but you also have a stamp in your passport that forces you to leave the US for about six months. When you apply for asylum, you begin the process of obtaining documents, that is, you begin your immigration to the United States. Your tourist visa is losing status, because you are waiting for an interview. Since you must wait for an interview before you travel anywhere, you need to stay in the US. That is, you must stay in the US and not go anywhere, otherwise the filing for a safe haven will be meaningless. While you wait for a call for an interview, you are in the US legally!
– How to get permission to work in the US tourist?
After you apply for asylum, you can be in the US legally and expect a call for an interview. Since the interview now needs to wait 1-3 years, then after 180 days you will be able to draw up all the necessary documents to work legally in the US. You will no longer just be a tourist, you will already have a work permit on the way to obtaining documents!
Let’s note once again that after a candidate submits an application and before receiving the status, he can legally stay in the US, no matter how long the decision has to wait. The candidate will be able to work legally 180 days after submitting the application.
Sign up to us for a unique consultation to find out more information about how to stay in the US with a tourist visa or any other type of visa. We will help you to arrange a case for asylum or tell you which option is most optimal in your case!
Having received political asylum, you get the right to live in the US legally, like any citizen of America!
Read the & quot; How we work (prices) & quot; . Do not forget that the deadline for filing documents in the United States is limited, so it’s worth to contact us in advance to prepare everything well! We can always write to the & quot; Feedback & quot; or in & quot; Customer Testimonials & quot ;, and we will necessarily answer all questions. Do not miss your chance to immigrate to the USA!
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