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John Updike is rightfully considered one of the most talented and outstanding American writers. He was born on March 18, 1932 in the family of a native of the Netherlands and an American of German origin in the small town of Reading in Pennsylvania.
After graduation, John entered Harvard University, who graduated in 1954 with a major in English Literature. A year before graduation, Updike married Mary Entwistle Pennington.
After graduating from Harvard, Updike went to the UK, where he studied painting at Oxford University, and when he returned to the United States, began collaborating with the New Yorker magazine, for which he wrote many poems, essays and short stories. After two years of cooperation with the magazine, Updike became head of the department of criticism, continuing to write actively.
“The writer must admit the fact that most people live a normal life, and the novel is a fantastic story that takes the reader away from reality,” John Updike said. “With such, in general, banal things, you have to put up with. I try to write interesting stories from ordinary life, illustrating them by representatives of the American middle class. ”
Favorite theme of the writer was life in post-war America: marriages and divorces, youth and old age, sex and morality.
He himself said: “My horse is a small American town, a Protestant milieu, a middle class.”
The acknowledged master of style, whose words were strung with jeweled precision, Updike became famous for describing the life of typical representatives of the American middle class of the 1970s.
The first big work Updike was the novel “Fair in the Almshouse”, released in 1959 and forced to talk about the writer as a rising star. A year later the readers were introduced to the character nicknamed “Rabbit” – basketball player Harry Angstrem – and a series of novels with sketches from his life, two of which – “Rabbit became rich” and “Rabbit in peace” – were awarded the Pulitzer Prize.
And the novel “Centaur” became a cult for a whole generation in the US and around the world, including in the USSR.
One of the most successful for Updike was the novel “Married Couples”, the speech in which is about adultery. The author did not hesitate to express and describe in detail the intimate connections of the characters, but he did so intelligently that no one could accuse him of pornography.
In 1987, on the product Updike “The Witches of Eastwick” was shot a feature film, and then put a musical.
In 1972-1975, John Updike served as Honorary Adviser to the Library of Congress. In 1974, he divorced his wife, moved to Georgetown and three years later married the second time – on Martha Raggles Bernard.
One of the last novels of the writer – “The Terrorist” – was written after Updike, visiting relatives in New York, witnessed the events of September 11. In his book, the writer tried to analyze the life of an Islamic fundamentalist in America.
“Seeing it all a mile away was exciting, monstrous and sad, as if the bottom had fallen off your own being,” said the classic of American literature.
The writer died of lung cancer in a hospice near his estate in Massachusetts. About his death, the publisher Updike said.
John Updike: the life of a writer.
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