How to move to Slovenia and get a residence permit.
Many residents of Russia dream of leaving their homeland and registering a permanent residence in another country. At the same time, they would not want to lose contact with family and friends, and therefore the neighboring countries of Europe are most often considered as the new haven. Recently, among immigrants wishing to go abroad, immigration to Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular. What is it that attracts Russians to this small state?
A small country of great opportunities.
Slovenia really is of great interest for migrants from Russia. Compared to its closest neighbors, it is not so great – it has only about two million inhabitants, but it has a number of very significant advantages:
a decent standard of living; social guarantees of the state; favorable political environment; free education for children; medical care of European quality; impeccable ecology; sea coast; understandable for Russian and Ukrainian language.
In Slovenia, a high level of education. Universities of the country produce high quality specialists, in demand in different countries. Accessibility and quality of education also make Slovenia desirable for Russians.
The first steps on the way to Europe.
Slovenia is a part of the Union of European States, and to move to it for permanent residence, to issue a residence permit with time, and then to apply for citizenship, it is necessary to comply with all the requirements of strict immigration legislation of this state. Conditionally, the entire migration process can be divided into several main stages:
obtaining a visa to Slovenia; a temporary residence permit for at least five years; a permanent residence permit for a period of five years; approval of citizenship.
At each of these stages of the immigrant applying for residence permit in Slovenia, the relevant services will be carefully checked. It is impossible to live and work without sufficient legal grounds here. Violators expect sanctions, and, possibly, deportation.
Therefore, for a dream to become a reality, a person who decided to move to live in Slovenia must first familiarize himself with all possible ways of legalization in this country.
How to become an immigrant.
There are several ways to become an immigrant in Slovenia, that is, to enter this country and stay in its territory for permanent residence, merging into the strata of the local population.
Business immigration. It is possible to register a residence permit as a businessman. True, for this you need not only to open your own company, but also to make it profitable. Only the presence of a positive balance for at least six months will allow the applicant to get a residence permit. Employment. If a person who dreams of living in Slovenia has managed to find an offer from local employers, he can become the owner of a one-year residence permit. A year later the residence permit must be re-registered. Training. Students of educational institutions in Slovenia have the right to stay in the country for the duration of their studies. However, there is one nuance. The term of their residence permit is only accounted for by half. This means that, after studying for 4 to 6 years, former students can not apply for permanent residence. In order to formalize it, they must study or work in the country for several more years. Marriage. The easiest way to obtain a temporary residence permit in Slovenia is to marry her citizen. However, one must be prepared for the fact that in the first stages the corresponding services will show increased interest to the spouses in order to be convinced of the reality of this marriage. Family reunification. After one of the family members has issued a temporary residence permit in Slovenia, he gets the right to call for permanent residence, left at home, the spouse and children. However, he can do this only in a year. This time is given to an immigrant so that he fully realizes his own financial possibilities and the prospects for his family’s further residence in the territory of Slovenia. If an immigrant has already received a permanent residence permit in the country, family members who are reunited with him will be able to complete permanent residence only two years later. Until then, their permission will be temporary. Political refuge. In Slovenia, as in any European country, an immigrant can live with the refugee status if he can find good reasons for this. It should be noted that a political asylum application must be submitted within three days of entry. Otherwise, the applicant for a residence permit is refused.
Secret of success.
To honor all the vicissitudes of the immigration laws of Slovenia with honor and to bypass the traps set by the officials, it is necessary to prepare carefully for the relocation at home. Having decided to live in this country, it should be:
To receive a consultation of professional lawyers who will help determine the way of immigration and consult on the list of necessary documents; learn the basics of Slovenian; assess and confirm its own creditworthiness.
Experts say that in order to live in Slovenia without problems and enjoy the unique opportunities of this country, it is necessary first of all to take care of the legality of its stay on its territory.