How to move to Russia for a permanent residence from Ukraine 2016.
The current situation in Ukraine makes us think about emigration. More and more people want to leave Ukraine for permanent residence. At the same time, a large number of European countries are considered, as well as Russia, Canada, the United States and Australia.
Making the decision to emigrate to the nearest neighbors, there arises a natural question & mdash; where to go live in Russia from Ukraine? To do this, study the characteristics of the regions and the price of buying or renting housing.
One of the attractive places for emigration is Krasnodar. It attracts climatic and economic conditions. The prices for cottages in Krasnodar (see for example here) are different and many can choose an option available for themselves when moving to Russia.
For a number of reasons, residents of Ukraine are forced to move to the Russian Federation and other countries. Although in some cases this may be personal preference, but there are common factors that force emigration.
Residents of Ukraine leads to the idea that it is better to leave the country, a large number of various reasons. The most common of these are:
Hostilities. Excessive bureaucracy. High level of corruption. Unstable economic situation. Low social security of the population.
Even the cessation of hostilities slightly reduces the number of those wishing to leave for economic reasons. The current situation makes one wonder where it is better to emigrate from Ukraine. In addition to Russia, there are many other countries that are desired to move.
The United States of America is one of the desirable places to move. How to leave Ukraine for permanent residence in the US:
get political asylum; enroll in a local educational institution; open your own business in the country; register a marriage with a citizen of the country; get a work visa.
Staying in America legally close relatives can also be used to reduce the difficulty of obtaining a residence permit.
Emigration to Spain from Ukraine with sufficient funds is a very simple procedure & mdash; It is required to purchase housing on the territory of the country. The same applies to Latvia, the Dominican Republic and Cyprus.
Departure from Ukraine for permanent residence in Germany is a more complicated procedure. There are only three ways to obtain citizenship:
Education in higher education. Presence of German roots. Obtaining a work visa.
Marriage to a German citizen is also a reason for issuing a residence permit, but with a reservation. Requires a high level of knowledge of the German language.
Departure from Ukraine for permanent residence in Belarus – one of the most acceptable options. Economic conditions in the Republic of Belarus and affordable housing prices have made this country very attractive for relocation. The legal grounds for entering the country are a large number of & mdash; these are financial investments in the economy, family ties, intellectual and sports talent, refugee status and other criteria. But, as with moving to any country, there are certain difficulties.
The question of where to go to live from Ukraine, is of interest to many. At the same time, not all represent the complexity associated with this. For example, to move to Canada requires a decent knowledge of the language. The criterion of language proficiency is important not only for entry. Living in a foreign country, not being able to communicate with local residents, is quite problematic. This is quite a serious difficulty when immigrating to another country. If there are difficulties in mastering foreign speech, it is much easier to leave for permanent residence from Ukraine to Russia or Belarus. The proximity of the language will allow you to conduct simple dialogues even with the slightest lack of knowledge.
In general, during resettlement, such difficulties are possible:
problems with the mentality of the inhabitants; habituation to food; difficulties with health insurance; adaptation to new climatic conditions.
The main problem is the need to get used to all new circumstances at once. It should be remembered about the difficulties with housing. Acquisition of an apartment at the entrance to the country removes this issue, but renting a home with a poor knowledge of foreign speech can be very difficult. Therefore, the move must be considered and balanced.
To leave Ukraine for permanent residence in European countries, Russia or America, more and more people are dreaming. To avoid difficulties when moving and make addiction to a new place more quick and comfortable, you need to choose the right country for immigration and in advance to take into account the possible nuances of living in it.