How to move to Prague for permanent residence from russia.
You can search for and search for reasons of emigration from Russia for as long as you like, but to admit that it is not represented by some single departures from the Motherland, but turned into a real wave (already the fifth for Russian history), still have to. And, except for political emigrants who were forced to leave in a hurry (not thinking about which country to choose for the future life, and from which country to disappear, so that this life itself continued), then most of the Russians who decided to emigrate from Russia, accepts this decision is long and thoughtful, painstakingly studying everything “for” and & la; against & lt; / RTI & gt; In the end, we choose the country not only for ourselves, but also for our children, and, possibly, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Runet is filled with articles about how and where to go better, the ratings of countries in terms of well-being and convenience of visitors, as well as proposals in a few hours to formalize the citizenship of a country for fabulous money. Of course, America and Europe became the main directions for a new wave of emigrants. And far from the most recent place in the list of European countries is the Czech Republic. It is believed that here the descendant from the former Soviet Union will be easier to assimilate – like, fraternal peoples, similar languages, close mindsets and much more. But, let’s figure out why it’s really worth living in the Czech Republic or thinking about choosing another country.
The Czech language is very similar to Russian, although with its difficult features. Nevertheless, even without knowing the language, for the beginning you and the Czechs can understand each other. And communicating with them constantly, it will be much easier to learn Czech than, say, German or French. In the first months, pleasant surprises and discoveries are guaranteed, such as, for example, ‘shame & raquo; – attention, & laquo; stale & raquo; – Fresh, & laquo; ravioli & raquo; – products. In addition, many Czech citizens speak Russian and, if possible, show their knowledge with pleasure.
The unique architecture of the Czech Republic is famous all over the world. Here are presented both admirable examples of Gothic art and modern architecture. The St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague alone, considered not only one of the largest but also the longest Catholic church in the world, deserves to be drawn to the capital of the Czech Republic. But there is also the legendary Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square with the unearthly beauty of Orla’s clock at the Town Hall and the fairytale towers of the Tyn Church, the majestic Wenceslas Square with the monument to St. Wenceslas and the National Museum at its head, the ancient fortress of Vysehrad towering above the Vltava River and its countless bridges, throughout the city of churches, cozy streets, galleries & hellip; And this is only in Prague, and to see all the castles of the Czech Republic, which number about two and a half thousand, it seems that there will not be enough life in immigration!
The geographical location of the Czech Republic is a big plus for travelers. This country is literally in the heart of Europe, which allows us to travel the countries of the European Union far and wide. And cheap airlines, trains and buses, plus a Schengen visa will allow you to see many new places and get a lot of new impressions without a serious blow to the wallet.
As for the purse, it should be noted one more undoubted plus – & ndash; while being part of the European Union, the Czech Republic, nevertheless, has not yet switched to the euro and uses Czech korunas. Thanks to this, prices in the Czech Republic are significantly lower than in other European countries & ndash; this applies both to ordinary shops, and to buying apartments, utility bills and so on. Yes, and literally anyone can eat in a restaurant, as the average bill in a restaurant is quite comparable with a shopping check after buying food for dinner, so for those who do not like to cook, the Czech Republic has prepared another bonus.
The level of crime in the Czech Republic is one of the lowest in Europe, so that it is difficult for Russians at first to realize that one can no longer be afraid to return home long after midnight or that there is no need in crowded places to press the bag to the chest of a baby. Yes, and the police here the attitude is very different from the Russian. In the Czech Republic, there is almost no corruption in the police, because it is under strict state control, therefore, noticing the policeman, they do not cross the street.
In Prague and even in the smallest towns of the Czech Republic, there is an extensive network of public transport. Transport here goes on schedule, and the route of the trip can be laid in advance on the official website of public transport. In this case, unlike most Russian cities, where you never know in advance how long you will have to stand at a bus stop waiting for the right bus or tram, there is a guarantee that you will not be late for a meeting or for work. But the traditional excuse for Russia, too, I’m sorry, waited a long time for the bus & raquo; in the Czech Republic does not ride.
Separately, there is security on the Czech roads. Compliance with traffic rules and responsibility not only to motorists, but also to pedestrians here at the highest level. And when around all the cultured and educated drivers, then the hand itself will not turn to cut the next car, and the foot does not press the accelerator pedal to violate the established speed regime.
In the Czech Republic there is really a free higher education. At the same time, diplomas of Czech universities are recognized all over the world, and Czech students can continue their education in any other university in Europe, which is facilitated by numerous exchange programs. The only drawback is & ndash; The training takes place in Czech, but you are going to live in this country, so you still have to learn the language (see point 1).
Medicine in the Czech Republic is paid, therefore, health insurance is practiced. With her and a visit to a doctor, and buying a drug at a pharmacy costs a mere penny. At the same time, the quality of medicine is at the highest level, doctors are competent, and the lack of rudeness in the queues to see a doctor, as well as the queues themselves, will of course be a pleasant addition to every Russian who passed all circles of hell in an institution called & laquo; district clinic & raquo ;.
In the Czech Republic, a tremulous attitude towards ecology & ndash; starting from trash sorting and ending with state environmental programs. Here, you can even drink tap water.
It is a mistake to think that since Russia and the Czech Republic in the past were part of the countries of the socialist camp, the mentality of their citizens is much the same. This is categorically not so. Russians with Czechs differ very much, and for immigrants, a clash with these differences is sometimes unpleasant or even painful. First and foremost, those who are accustomed to a rapid rhythm of life, natives of Russia notice the Czech slowness: in the Czech Republic, no one is in a hurry anywhere & ndash; from the waiter to a colleague at work. Therefore, a native of Russia in the Czech Republic is easy to climb the career ladder, but be careful & mdash; Envy here is considered almost a national trait, as the Czechs themselves say. And, for example, here it is considered the norm to inform the necessary authorities about the errors of a neighbor, and for children in school it is normal to tell everything that they have ever seen or heard about their classmates. And the Czechs loud and publicly blow their nose!
The relationship between a man and a woman in the Czech Republic will also surprise a newcomer & ndash; for example, a man will not take care of and care for a woman, as the ladies in Russia have become accustomed to. In the Czech Republic there is no ritual of courtship: hints, flowers, gifts restaurants & ndash; all this is possible, but far from necessary. Most likely, if you like a Czech, he will tell you plainly, and so will Czechs. And in a family life the relationship is very free & ndash; everyone has his own account (even a quadrate is shared by many), free sex & ndash; the presence of a partner does not prevent the Czechs from starting a petty affair literally officially.
Maybe not all Czechs know the story well, but everyone remembers the date & ndash; On August 21, 1968, when the Warsaw Pact troops were introduced to the Czech Republic to put an end to the reforms of the Prague Spring. And if the younger generation is unlikely to poke this Russian, the older people will not fail to recall the tanks on Wenceslas Square, directly calling the troop entry & ndash; occupation, and the main culprit of the input & ndash; Soviet Union.
It’s easier to officially settle on Mars than in the Czech Republic. Among the countries of the European Union there are some of the most difficult rules and requirements for Russians in obtaining a long-term work visa or permanent residence, and even having passed all the necessary tests, the probability of refusal is high.
The climate in the Czech Republic is unpredictable. Despite the fact that for the inhabitants of the middle zone of Russia the nature and temperature of the Czech Republic will be quite close, nevertheless, the speed with which the weather changes in this small part of Europe is puzzling & ndash; leaving in the morning on the street, you can never predict, take an umbrella or sunglasses. And the sea is not here!
The Czechs dress quite modestly and sloppy, so in the shops the choice is appropriate. Even in the boutiques of the same brand in Prague and, suppose, in Paris you will find completely different goods, and for the most part, this choice will not be in favor of the Czech Republic.
In the Czech Republic there are almost no stores around the clock & ndash; they all close at about nine in the evening, which is very unusual for any resident of Russia, where in every yard of each city you can find several points at once, where you can come running for pickled cucumbers at two o’clock in the morning.
In Czech pharmacies it is impossible to buy medicines without a prescription, except for those that do not help.
If we compare not with Russia, but with Europe as a whole, in the Czech Republic there are problems with roads and the general dilapidation of cities: pits on the streets, peeling plaster on buildings, skewed fences & ndash; all this is not striking, but is present. Although, many believe that these nuances add charm to Czech cities.
In the Czech Republic, a wonderful traditional cuisine, but for those who do not like meat and fatty foods, it will not be easy. To someone else’s kitchen here the attitude is skeptical.
This is what we considered important to tell you. Add, please, your & laquo; for & raquo; and “against” if we did not mention them. Your opinion is very important to us!