How to move to Portugal for a residence permit.
Portugal is a European country popular with Russians as an excellent holiday destination, a country of temporary or permanent residence. Become a full-fledged citizen of the European Union can, having issued a residence permit in Portugal.
Here, a favorable climate, good conditions for work, rest and quiet life: Portugal – is safe and in terms of criminogenic factor. The economy, the banking sector is stable, and life is inexpensive: property prices, for basic food products at or below the average European level.
Moving entails many advantages, one is the lack of the need for permanent residence in Portugal: it is enough to stay in the country for a week in the first year after receiving a temporary residence permit, two weeks in the second.
At the same time, obtaining a residence permit in Portugal gives the opportunity to register citizenship after six years, and the laws do not reject dual citizenship.
To obtain a residence permit in Portugal, you first need to issue a resident visa – it gives you the right to enter the country. The visa is issued through the Consular Section of the Embassy in the country of residence of the migrant. Simply submission of documents is not enough – there is yet to be an interview with the consul.
Resident visas are issued for up to 4 months, depend on the purpose of entry and are issued:
students; entrepreneurs; religious figures; secured pensioners; scientific workers; migrants who have concluded an employment contract. Directly the documents for residence permit are submitted to the Ministry of Justice of the country.
How to obtain a residence permit:
submit a sample application; present the valid passport; have a removable or own housing; have the means to provide financial support for themselves and their families; get medical insurance; not have a criminal record.
All documents are attached to the application and submitted simultaneously. Together with them you need to provide a justification for the need for a residence permit, for a stay in the territory less than three months you do not need permission: a tourist visa is enough.
The grounds for obtaining a residence permit.
Moving to Portugal is most often connected with working abroad, studying in Portuguese universities, buying real estate. To issue a temporary residence permit is necessary for all those who enter for a period of at least a year.
It’s easier to get a residence permit for employment. Perhaps this is in the presence of an official labor contract.
Then the employer sends an invitation, which is the basis for obtaining a work visa for a period of one year, after which the migrant can issue a residence permit. The residence permit gives the foreigner the right to work in any country of the Schengen zone.
Marriage with a Portuguese is another reason for applying for a residence permit. However, here there are some subtleties – it is required to prove that marriage is not fictitious, but to submit documents to the spouse. A foreigner can only take a year to register a relationship.
But for the spouses there is a shortened period for the registration of permanent residence – the possibility of registering the citizenship of Portugal after 3 years of stay.
Receiving a “Golden Visa”
For wealthy citizens of Russia and other countries, immigration to a permanent place of residence in Portugal has several advantages, one of which is the ability to quickly obtain citizenship on the basis of a special program, the so-called “Golden Visa”. It provides for investments in the economy, development of entrepreneurship, but not for everyone.
Business & # 8212; Immigration is possible only for wealthy businessmen, because the conditions are:
organization of workplaces for citizens – at least 10; the amount of investment in the business – not less than 500 000 euros.
If one of the two conditions is fulfilled, the migrant can file documents. Along with business owners automatically receive its wealthy foreigners when they acquire real estate worth not less than 500 000 euros.
But in this case, there are some limitations:
you need to buy real estate for cash; while signing an obligation not to alienate it within 5 years.
The purchase of cheaper housing entitles them to a residence permit, but on a general basis: the migrant himself will prepare the package of documents, he will also have to hand it to the Ministry of Justice of Portugal personally. Advantage he has only one thing: he can sell the property at any time, acquire a new one.
How to obtain citizenship.
The right to be called a citizen is not given to every foreign citizen who lives in Portugal. Apply for citizenship can:
Born children, even if their parents are foreigners, but have lived here for more than 10 years, had a residence permit for the whole period, the child studied in a Portuguese school for at least four years. Children who have at least one parent have Portuguese citizenship, and the parents must be Portuguese by birth or work in the country. Children born on the territory of other states register in the Embassy as citizens of this country. Adopted parents & # 8212; Portuguese children are foreigners. Spouses of Portuguese citizens who are married for at least 3 years. By naturalization, immigrants over the age of 18 can obtain Portuguese citizenship if they have a residence permit, live in the territory for at least 6 years, are able to provide a family, have an impeccable reputation. It is important to have a good command of the state language, and this needs to be documented, to have connections with the local community.
Everything should be documented: you can submit a certificate of real estate, employment contract, birth certificates for children, residence permits for relatives, tax returns, bank statements. You can apply for citizenship to the Foreigners Deployment Service directly in Portugal or to the Embassy in the home country of the migrant.