How to move to permanent residence in Hawaii
How to get to Hawaii and not break off.
In the heart of the Pacific Ocean. The most remote from the nearest continent is the archipelago of islands, in which there are more than hundreds of small and uninhabited islands and just a dozen large ones. Only seven of them are admired by man: the main island is Oahu with the capital of Hawaii – Honolulu, the large island of Hawaii, then Molokai, Kauai, Lanai, Kauhalawe ) and, finally, Maui (Maui) – a heavenly place, chosen by us.
The entire coast of Hawaii is a national park, where any construction is prohibited. All surf rentals, they are also shops, are in the central part of the island. Experienced instructors (the instructor’s job $ 100 per day) will help you choose the most appropriate boards and sails (about $ 260 per week for surf equipment and $ 450 for two weeks) and recommend the places for skiing that match your level. Maui uses two sail sizes of 4.4 m. – 5,0 m. In rentals, it is given just such a number of sails, a board, a mast and a boom. You can unlimitedly change the boards, the size of the sails, but their number is always the same – a board, two sails.
Carrying equipment with itself makes sense only if you intend to spend on Maui for at least a month. The minimum cost of transport of materiel ranges from $ 300 to $ 800 round-trip. I recommend that you pre-select your airlines in advance, depending on their rates for transportation of oversized cargo.
Prices for oversize to America in both directions: Air France $ 240 – the weight of the cover is not more than 32 kg. Lufthansa $ 280 – weight is not limited. KLM $ 240 – weight is not limited. Aeroflot $ 10 for each extra kilogram over 32 kg, but everything is solved easily and directly at the check-in counter. From America to Maui in both directions costs $ 150 for a cover with one board.
Finding a home is very simple. In all shops, bars, coffee shops, supermarkets, gas stations, etc., etc. feel free to ask for the weekly free edition of Maui Bulletten or the Sunday newspaper Maui News. There you will find all the answers to your questions about housing.
Prices for the night stay at the hotels range from $ 100 to $ 3000. Prices from $ 100 and below also exist, but they should already be searched: ask around friends, search the Internet. Below $ 50 per night is much harder to find. But it all depends on your wishes. If you are ready to sacrifice your privacy, you can find a room for $ 20. It will be resettled to the same as you low budget surfer, cook in a shared kitchen and use a shared bathroom.
Accommodation for a long period of six months or more for affordable money is possible only in a separate house or apartment, prices of which are from $ 900 per month. A contract is concluded with the owner of the house and if you do not have animals (and sometimes children), you are settled in an empty house, equipped only with a kitchen. That is, you need to buy everything – furniture, forks, spoons, blankets and stuff, than we used to enjoy in normal life. Do not be scared, buy it is not difficult. Every weekend someone is moving somewhere and arranges a grand sale of belongings, called “moving sale”, where you can buy everything at once. When the time comes for you to say goodbye to the island, you get rid of almost all things in the same way, by selling off the property. In America, everything is simple. There is no cult of machines, no attachment to things. With everything leave easily and quickly. Your neighbor may well be Bill Gates, and every morning, cutting your lawn, you will discuss with him the weather.
Everyone always asks: can I find a job? Yes, finding a job in Hawaii is easy. Salaries are from $ 7 to $ 12 per hour. The most demanded professions are everything related to construction, washing dishes in restaurants and bars, pizza delivery. No ambition – there is money, there is ambition – no money. Just.
In 12 hours Aeroflot, Air France, KLM or Lufthansa can fly to Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle, and make a transfer to Hawaiian, Aloha, American, Delta, fly 6 hours before Maui. Prices for flights from $ 800 and up to SF. and LA, and from $ 400 and higher to Maui. More complex and expensive routes through Japan. An American visa is required ($ 20 one-time, $ 150 annual, $ 450 for three years plus $ 45 consular fee).
Buying a car is a simple matter. All in the same “Maui Bulleten” find a car suitable for your budget, make an appointment with the owner. Like – you buy. Re-registration costs $ 4 and takes no more than five minutes. I recommend to insure your new car. In the absence of insurance for a simple inspection of documents, the fine will be from $ 500 to $ 1000, and in case of an accident, money may simply not be enough.
I advise you not to violate the rules of the road. The permissible speed on the island is 30 to 55 miles per hour. For example, for speeding by 10 miles – a fine of $ 50, 20 miles – $ 150, 30 miles – handcuffs, forwarding to the site. And only a lawyer or a bail will be able to release you to court, where the fine will be again from 500 to 1000 $. And in the rest – fasten and forward, towards wind and waves.