How to move to live in Scotland
What do food chains offer, and what do people eat?
About all this in the traditional post about food.
There are enough supermarkets here. If there is a grocery store in a remote village, it will be a supermarket format. Self-service is more convenient when you trust the customers. There are enough private markets, but retail networks are more common. In Scotland I saw most of all Tesco and Cooperative. The second is more expensive and higher than the status, although it seemed to me on the contrary, Tesco looks more solid.
In this post, I’ll digress a little from the format and tell, mainly, about the prices of typical products, although a unique, special local meal will also be necessary.
Kilogram of apples & # 8212; 160 rubles. The apples are fresh, beautiful, for selection. And do not write that chemical & # 8212; simply and the farmers take care of the quality of the product, and store employees are monitoring the type of product. Pay attention to the second line of the price tag. In Britain, after all, the imperial system of measures, then why do we first become familiar with kilograms? It seems they all went to the metric, but for those who could not figure it out, they left the old version. The air temperature is also measured in degrees Celsius, but the distances are still in miles. Only confused!
So it turned out that all the time in the country I was eating food from supermarkets. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes and strawberries are already their own, and apricots and raspberries are Spanish. Strawberries and raspberries & # 8212; 160 rubles for packing, apricots 80, and a pallet of tomatoes 75.
Fruit snacks for those who are in a hurry. This proposal is not enough for our supermarkets. For 80-160 rubles (one or two pounds, as you already knew, in Scotland basic price for many products) you can have a snack cut and conveniently packed fresh fruit.
Potato & # 8212; 235 rubles per kilogram. Dirty. For such and such money!
Pack of two rolls & # 8212; 55 rubles.
Four ciabats will cost around 80.
Fast food. 160 rubles for two triangular sandwiches. Add 80 and take any carbonated drink or a bottle of water.
A liter of milk, on average, costs 80 rubles.
Mmm, cheeses! None of those that are in Scotland, never found in Russia. Philadelphia we did not sell at all, even classical, and abroad there are many different tastes.
We can not find any cheeses with mold either, they are under an embargo. And how do you kilo of this cheese for 600 rubles / kilo?
Some people call me Mr. Parmesan, I actually love cheddar most of all. And it is this kind of cheese that I miss in Russia now. Here he ate every day on a large bar!
Cheddar & # 8211; the most delicious cheese in the world!
Pathos hard cheeses of “Parmesan” & # 8221; type here too, of course. The most expensive is 22 pounds per kilogram. This is 1800 rubles. It seems that we have domestic “Parmesan” # 8221; now it’s more expensive.
Gray cheese. I’ve never seen this.
Pork. As I love, cut into steaks, with a little fat around the edges, it’s always easy to cut it off. 540 rubles per kilo. Here we have cheaper, about 400.
Beef and more expensive, will cost more than a thousand rubles a kilogram.
I heard that in the UK there are a lot of immigrants from India. In Scotland, migrants are not affected at all, but Indian food is sold.
Haggis. A traditional Scottish dish, I would even say & # 8212; the main thing. Business card. It is a minced meat made of mutton, it is considered an incredible delicacy.
Eat it not only on holidays. Haggis may well be a fast food, and a semi-finished product. And even vegetarian!
Scottish smoked salmon & # 8212; the most delicious red fish I ate. With the usual salt is not in any comparison. But such a package costs, in translation for our, only 500 rubles.
About the whiskey, I already told a lot, but did not talk about cider. And here he is also elevated to the national drink, along with the ale.
The riddle about green soda has been opened & # 8221; just. And many really recognized Coca Cola Life in it, although in Russia it is not produced, sold or advertised. Well done!
But the fact that ayrn-brju drink of Scottish origin, for sure you did not know. Once he also sold to us, but then disappeared. By the way, the standard price of a bottle of soda in the supermarket & # 8212; 90 rubles. At gas stations is more expensive.
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