How to move to live in Jamaica
So, you can not open your own business – there is no money. Education at you not bad. Let’s see what the labor market offers:
1. Sales manager. No, not the seller to the store. A person who comes up with how to sell more. Required education, experience of at least 3 years, excellent knowledge of English. I wonder if they will take experience in Russia?
2. Therapist. Work experience of at least 5 years, registration in some Medical Council (FIG knows what it is), some kind of certificate, which allows to conduct medical practice. Well, in general, there are chances, they say.
3. Teachers. In schools, universities, courses are different. Spanish, geography, economics, mathematics, computer science. Well, as usual, work experience, perfect English, some kind of membership, certificates.
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Placement price 10 badges Social capital 480 In Friends y Duration 24 hours Minimal bet 10 decals See all the offers of Promo.
Photographer, wedding organizer? A wedding in Jamaica is such an exotic.
The seller and the manufacturer of souvenirs, including unusual, interesting.
Clerk, in the state office, airport, for example.
Well, for example – a waiter in a cafe can be arranged if there is special education in a Slovene school * such as a vocational school *, or three years of training, or nostrification of a similar Russian diploma)))
Tour guides – the year of study, exams * in Slovenian language *, the issue price is 2000 euros.
Nurse looking after children – special education, (a year and a half), a license, a check for “lice” and so on.
And as for skilled work – when a vacancy is declared for example by KRKA (the one that makes all the pills from the pressure and sells them in Russia), then from 2000 to 500 CVs are given to any position from the assistant to the director.)
And yes = for example, we have about three wedding agencies – the Russians have opened. I will not say that they bathe in orders from the word absolutely, especially with the euro rate)))))))
Designer, artist and furniture-maker Jeff Williams creates uniquely beautiful furniture and functional sculpture from indigenous woods, driftwood and bamboo.
Another option – online work, freelancing. This is if the exchange rate is good.