How to move to Iceland for permanent residence.
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Iceland is often called the land of ice. To attribute this metaphor is possible not only to the climate of this island state, but also to the mentality of people – many in this locality are representatives of conservative views. Of course, here not all are completely restrained and cold, on the contrary, Icelanders like to have fun. This people cherishes their traditions carefully.
If you have long been imbued with the culture and spirit of this country, then it is definitely time for you to buy the ticket “Moscow – Reykjavik” as soon as possible. In this article we will tell you how to go to live in Iceland from Russia.
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Destination Iceland: how to relocate for a permanent residence.
Change your habitat is not just another city in the neighborhood, and to fly for this ocean – a thing that requires good theoretical training, get together with the spirit, too, will not hurt.
The country, whose banks are washed by cold seas, is considered very attractive both for tourists and for immigrants. Indigenous people also do not seek to leave their possessions. Even if someone from a family of local people leaves to study abroad, in most cases he comes back and applies the knowledge and experience for the benefit of his homeland. Such patriotism, of course, deserves approval.
The Scandinavians are very scrupulous about preserving their authenticity, therefore the state language is Icelandic. It belongs to the family of Germanic languages, so if you are proficient in German, it will be much easier to understand the local people.
But if there is no such knowledge, then this is not a reason for panic, since English is widespread here, in any case, in an informal conversation or in the store you will be understood.
The measured way of life of the Icelanders appeals to many immigrants who decided to move here with the goal of doing business. Industrious descendants of the Vikings, probably in the blood.
From ancient times to this day, the most developed economic area is agriculture, it employs an impressive portion of the population. It is about fishing and subsequent processing of the catch, the herring from Iceland is famous far beyond its borders. If you are used to working hard, then here you will be able to establish your business in a fairly fast time.
In the event that you do not have the Napoleonic plans to integrate your company into the Scandinavian or even the world market, the hospitable island is ready to offer you a wide choice of vacancies in the sphere of services or tourism.
Let us turn to the technical side of the question, namely, what documents will be required for an alien ready for global changes in life.
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Packing suitcases or obtaining a residence permit.
To become a welcome guest and without excesses to cross the border, first of all you need to get a visa. Here, the procedure for acquiring the coveted stamp does not differ from the rules for obtaining a visa to other member states of the Schengen agreement.
It is worth remembering that to date Iceland is not a member of the European Union.
Recall that to find yourself in the country and move on to a further stage, that is, directly begin to register a residence permit in Iceland, first you need to issue a short-term visa.
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Distinguish the following types depending on the purpose of the visit:
business trip; individual and group tourism; sports competitions or camping; trip by invitation (guest visa); cultural exchange or scientific and educational activities; transit.
It is necessary to know the conditions for granting you permission to cross the boundaries of a given state, the standard rules include:
First of all, it is worth paying attention to the expiry date of your passport. Upon arrival in Russia, you must have three months left before the proposed replacement. It is also necessary to have two blank pages for the stamp of Icelandic customs officers. In addition, you must pay a receipt for consular and service fees (the latter is canceled for children under six and incompetent citizens).
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Obviously, to continue to stay in the northern paradise and continue to need permission to do so. Important clarification: without a residence permit you are prohibited from working in the country, you will be considered illegal, and you can easily be deported, which will ruin your visa history.
You need a good reason for why you leave your native penates and move to the edge of mountains and ice.
The most common of these are:
advanced training or training (most often this higher education); the opening of one’s business (small business is supported by the government, and foreign investors are always honored); the employment of a hired employee; purchase of housing or other real estate.
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Iceland moving to permanent residence: subtlety and nuance.
Without reference to the purpose for which you are going to conquer the expanses of the island republic, it is worthwhile to understand that literally everyone has its own pitfalls.
Business in the country of anglers.
In a country where almost every third inhabitant is able to arrange fishing nets or simply fish, a private monopoly of the local is established on this branch of agriculture. Foreign investors, immigrants from the European Union, it is better not to show the nose here.
To conduct business in the country you must obtain permission from the Ministry of Commerce.
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When legal formalities are settled, you have the right to open a firm with any organizational structure, if you transfer to our analogs, then the most common here is an open joint-stock company, a limited liability company and individual entrepreneurship.
Foreign specialist.
In the continuation of the topic, how to leave for permanent residence in Iceland, it is not superfluous to mention that employers are more willing to make a choice in favor of local applicants, but this phenomenon is not of a global scale. If you are lucky and you found a welcoming and friendly employer, the next step will be the conclusion of a labor agreement, where the obligations of the parties will be prescribed.
The obligatory document at the conclusion of the contract is the application of the employer for admission of cooperation with foreigners. Approved and certified paper is attached to the agreement of the parties.
A new employee will need to join the union and information about membership in the pension fund.
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If you are a student.
Traveling for knowledge in Iceland is not the most popular direction, as in this country there are only seven higher educational institutions and only four of them are state-owned. Training for foreign readers is carried out in English, attestation is conducted on it.
The advantage of the local educational structure from the financial point of view is that regardless of the specialty or university you have chosen, the cost of training does not change and is 300 euros per year.
Before the student is allowed to take part in the preparation of all documents for admission to the educational institution, he must confirm the financial resources necessary to maintain a decent standard of living and education.
Further, the foreigner pays a registration fee, which goes to pay off the cost of the first year of study.
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A cozy nest next to the waters of the Gulf Stream.
The acquisition of housing in Iceland does not represent any fundamental differences or difficulties in comparison with the purchase of real estate in other European countries.
Our compatriots are wary of the need for the help of realtors in this matter, but their fears are in vain. These transactions are maximally transparent and throughout the whole process of buying and selling you can be located even on the other end of the Earth.
Your presence will only be needed when you need to sign. After the decision of all formalities you can enter into new apartments, having preliminary extinguished tax receipts.
A pleasant surprise for debutants in real estate transactions in Iceland is the provision by the state of a loan for the purchase of housing.
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How to become a full citizen.
Citizenship of the republic to immigrants from other countries, whose parents are also non-local, can be obtained after seven years of residence here.
But such terms are set not for everyone there are groups of people for whom they are reduced to five or even two years:
earlier a person already had the citizenship of this country, but lost (will get the status of a citizen in a year); a foreigner married Icelandic or Icelandic;
the parents of the emigrant received citizenship more than five years ago; Icelandic national who does not have citizenship in another country.
From Russia with love.
Our compatriots are increasingly considering this direction of emigration, the conditions for moving to permanent residence in Iceland from Russia differ except that the duration of the flight and the cost of tickets.
Among Russians, there is often not the most common reason for emigration-marriage with a citizen (citizen) of the northern republic.
But it is important to keep in mind that whatever the goal was not with the change of place of residence, you will be made easier by the knowledge of the language. It is necessary to take the international examinations for English proficiency and present a certificate in the visa center.
As a conclusion.
Before, determined to try to storm the capital of the country’s ice, it will be very useful to learn that among Icelanders the spirit of consolidation and independence is strong. Like many island peoples, they are very original and, although they do not have a pronounced ill will toward foreigners, nevertheless treat them with suspicion.
Some traditional feasts are very unusual. So in the edge of the ice still celebrate the celebration, which is customarily called “Sunny Coffee”. With the Russian frosts, perhaps only the local northern winter can compete. During this period, if not really darkness reigns around, then the twilight is true, therefore, when with the approach of spring timid rays illuminate the peaks of the mountains, the islanders can not but rejoice. There is no exact date for the holiday, in different regions warming comes somewhere earlier, somewhere later, but in large cities they try to choose a certain day for entertainment. The traditional treat at the celebration is a hot aromatic coffee.
Cities with an ebullient rhythm of life and powerful highways in Iceland can be counted on the fingers, there is still a patriarchal way of life and many farm villages.