How to move to Guangzhou.
In theory, this post had long ago to be written, because I was often treated with this question from all corners of Russia. And I even helped a couple of families. Yes, my blog is read not only in Yakutsk. But there were many reasons for not writing. That forgetfulness, then lack of time, then the lack of relevance, then “no one helped us, why would I help?”, “Oh, we have suffered so much, and you too through it, then we’ll see.” Finally I reached the last boiling point: “Why should I?” Why do you suddenly allow yourself such thoughts? Remember why you started this blog and be true to yourself. ” So, I originally started this blog to share information and its experience. And not to iron on the head and give a patty from the shelf. I’m sure that the information should be freely available and this is the last swinish – to clamp your knowledge. This is my main life principle, which every day has a huge impact on my life. And I want to be true to this principle. Honestly, I am amazed by independent people who without undue doubts and questions take and do. Each move is an individual story, where it is better to learn from your own experience. If we talk about associations, the move is associated with me. durian. The fruit is exotic, causing ambiguous emotions. For someone, “foo, how disgusting!” do not even try to try! “, and the second one -” This divine delicacy! ” So, how to get out of your kitchen & quot; teleport & quot; in Guangzhou?
Where do we start?
1) Independent collection of information.
Do not immediately write to those who live there. Believe me, you will be like snow on your head and you are hardly expected there. Although, where are they waiting for us? To familiar and different-Internet users should be addressed when you have already prepared a theoretical basis. They can give practical advice, but teach the theory yourself. How to teach this theory?
First, go through the universal information: what is the south of China, what is the climate there, which states on the border, who are there and what are the features. Yes, at first you will find that there is a lot of water. But this & quot; water & quot; also needed. Immersion begins with the shallow water of Wikipedia.
At this stage, you must understand that you can already ask half the answer to a person after a question. Nobody will give you universal recipes. You did not come to a doctor or a fortuneteller. Although they do not give. And there will not be one place where you will all immediately know. Prepare to shovel a lot of information.
Further we go on forums where a well of the practical information. In such forums it is good to read about visa issues, as the legislation in this area is constantly changing. Well help groups in the VC through the cities, there is also a good forum about life in Asia, Start reading there with & quot; bearded & quot; years. Next, install the WeChat application, especially in China it is needed. There too, there are many communities with information on China. For example, Russian Club, Tianxia.
Find out what visas and on what terms you can get. Then with this information go to the visa agent. I do not know which agents are in Yakutsk, since I work with an office in Moscow. If you chose a visa type M, then choose the maximum possible corridor in 90 days (* corridor – this is so much you can stay in China after crossing the border). Now they even issue visas for 2 years. With a normal agent, you do not need to fill in any papers, just photos and money. Attention! Visa M does not give you the opportunity to study and work legally. It is important.
Walking on such forums, shake the information in your ears, but take it a little skeptically. Remember that everyone has his own attitude towards the durian.
Usually for the first time tickets are already bought with a visa on hand. Therefore, when passports with a visa have already been received, feel free to buy tickets. Tickets for domestic flights in China are more convenient to buy through the site Yes, there is a section in Russian that facilitates the buying process. When the dates are known for the exact dates of arrival, start looking specifically for the area to stay. After determining this question, you can book a hotel near the search area.
The best option is to explore the options for housing delivery from local expats. In the hemisphere, in and out, there are a lot of ads. If you know Chinese, then study When we started the move, I generally settled in the Haizhu area, I found an apartment in the Tianhe district on the ad, and eventually took another one in the same area. Now I’m surprised at my courage (crazy?): One, with a 10-month-old child in a completely unfamiliar city, was looking for an apartment, then washed this apartment at night. I managed to feed my child without things. A new rented apartment – it’s always a lot of hassle. To conclude a contract, to conduct Internet, to make a registration, to establish a way of life. Choose an apartment carefully. The main advantage of an apartment in the center is that you can always retake it later.
Here are the main areas:
Tianhe is a great area, the very center of the city. Look for apartments next to Vostochny Station, where trains leave for Hong Kong. In this area everything is concentrated for the comfortable life of a foreigner. Ikea, a lot of cafes, supermarkets with foreign goods, fashion shops, cafes. In general, there is a lot of fun and everything is within walking distance. The price for 1-room apartments starts at 3,500 yuan (35,000 rubles) + service charges.
This area is good for those who have office work there. And also young and non-family. In my opinion, with children there is not very convenient. There is nowhere to go for a walk, crowdedness, stuffiness in the summer.
Zhujiang New Town is one of the most famous residential areas. But its better to start your search in the metro area Liede. Exit the subway, look around. Usually there is a real estate agency near each garden, and there are photos with prices. Not the fact that the apartment will be from the photo, but at least you will have an idea about the prices. For example, the option for a single girl: 1735 yuan +150 utilities for 1 room in Lida (about 19,000 rubles monthly), 2,800 deposits (28,000 rubles). One-room apartments nearby can be found from 4,000 yuan (from 40,000 rubles) + deposit for 2 months + fees (for security, maintenance)
The regions of Lebanon and Yuexiu are good for their proximity to the main wholesale clothing markets, where copies of brands of clothes and watches are sold. If your activity is related to the delivery of clothing, then this area will suit you well. The only drawback is in the center of a slightly worn-out housing stock. Great luck finding an apartment with fresh renovation and new furniture. So be prepared in advance for such things. Look for apartments near the Guangzhou Railway Station (+/- 2-4 stations)
The most famous residential complex in this area is Fulitaoyuan . Many Russian-speaking people live there. Of the main advantages – proximity to markets. There is also the Fulibandao garden . One-room apartments from 3,000 (30,000 rubles), 2-room apartments – from 4,000 yuan (from 40,000 rubles).
Also pay attention to the residential complex Wonderland, ct. Metro – Xunfenggang (6th branch – terminal station). The shuttle-basses go to the metro. Cozy garden of fairly large sizes with a lake, swimming pools and relatively new houses. Silence and tranquility are guaranteed. Apartments there can be found from 2500 yuan (from 25 000 rub.)
In the Panyu area is one of the largest residential complexes – Clifford Estates. A cozy place, but the abundance of construction sites around gives some inconvenience. Yes, the place is quite remote from the center, but quietly, a lot of parks, swimming pools, the air is cleaner and fresh. Their kindergartens, schools, a hospital. It is easy to get to the center by a comfortable bus. 40 minutes – and you’re in town. Apartments are from 2200 yuan (22 000 rubles), but they will be very simple.
Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou is connected to the city by metro. You can go down in the subway and drive to the desired station. Or go out and choose the buses to the area you need. Usually they also drop in at large hotels. To the center by taxi it is possible for 150 yuan (1500 rubles.) To calmly reach.
Take into account that moving to study or work is something other than to embark on a free voyage. Valuable specialists will already wait for apartments, a workplace and assistants. But the majority here is a different picture. We all do it ourselves. Therefore, I willingly share information. This is my way of expressing my support.
Here’s more information:
1) In Guangzhou is problematic to rent an apartment for a short time. The lease contract is concluded for a minimum period of 1 year. During this period, the price and conditions remain unchanged. At the conclusion of the contract, you deposit a 2-month rental price. If you break the contract ahead of time, your deposit will not be returned. Reward to the agent – 50% of the rental price.
2) In Guangzhou, most houses are united in gardens (compounds, residential complexes) with protection, maintenance and a dedicated territory. See that there must be a swimming pool.
3) In addition to rent, you pay separately for security, maintenance and meters.
4) Please update the registration on time, do not violate the visa deadline.
If you are moving with your family, then you will be interested in reading this:
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About how you can live in China without the knowledge of the language, you can read here.
So, what separates you from moving to China? (prices are approximate)
Visa – 16500 rubles.
Tickets – on the route Yakutsk-Guangzhou 23000 rub.
Suppose you rent an apartment for 3,000 yuan – then for 1 month you have to pay a deposit for 2 months, a month of residence, commission to the agent 50%. There are 10,500 yuan (105,000 rubles).
Internet for 1 year – 1300 yuan (13,000 rubles.)
Charges for taxi, hotel accommodation, food at first time – 1600 yuan (16,000 rubles.)
Subtotal – 173 500 rubles. separates you from the kitchen in Yakutsk to the balcony overlooking Guangzhou.
It all sounds beautiful and quite real. Only we will leave behind the scenes how and what you will live here. This is already done by everyone. In any case, treat life in Guangzhou as an interesting adventure and experience. You can live here and not for very long, but it definitely will increase your chances of success. My neighbors, a family from Novosibirsk, spent more than a year in Guangzhou, then decided to change and finally moved to Moscow. Now Moscow completely suits them. Perhaps they would not have decided to move there directly from Novosibirsk and with two children. But Guangzhou to them has perfectly shown, that they can something more.
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