How to move to Georgia.
In all of the post-Soviet space, Georgia is still very special today. Its “breed” is felt in everything: both in the dignity of its indigenous inhabitants, and in the majesty of the gray mountain peaks that can be seen on the horizon anywhere in the country, and in the delicate taste of Georgian wines, generously poured for dear guests in every home. The question of how to move to Georgia is increasingly being asked by those who want to live in a country where laws are being implemented, respect older people and try to build a developed, prosperous society without corruption. For some time, Georgians have succeeded, and therefore more and more citizens of Russia and other republics of the former USSR pay attention to the Transcaucasian country with the red cross of St. George on the national flag.
A little about the country.
Only slightly more than 80 percent of the population of the republic are ethnic Georgians. In other words, almost one in five of its residents is an immigrant who at one time or another has chosen the country as a place of permanent residence. In Georgia there are many Russians and Armenians, Ossetians and Greeks, Azerbaijanis and Yezidis.
The climate of Georgia is suitable for everyone without exception, and that is why more and more foreigners prefer buying real estate in the country – both in the capital and in the seaside resort of Batumi.
The economy of Georgia is developing at a not too rapid pace, but this process is growing steadily and foreign investments are contributing to this progress to a considerable extent.
The migration policy of the Georgian authorities is very loyal to foreigners, and therefore to move to Georgia for permanent residence or become a holder of residence permit if desired, quite by everyone’s strength.
Where to begin?
Entry to the territory of the republic for Russian citizens is possible without a visa, if the guests plan to stay in Georgia for not more than 90 days. All long visits must be carried out on the basis of an entry migration visa.
The visa to Georgia is issued in the consular department of the embassy of the country. The validity of a long-term migration visa is 1 year, after which the permit is subject to cancellation.
Upon arrival in Georgia, potential immigrants will need to issue a temporary, and then a permanent residence permit.
Legal ways to move to Georgia for permanent residence.
Like other countries in the world, Georgia has its own migration legislation, which sets out the ways of obtaining a residence permit and the status of a resident of the republic. A foreigner has the right to reside in the country if he:
He entered into legal marriage with a citizen or citizen of Georgia. He wants to reunite with a family whose members are already holders of Georgian passports. Has Georgian roots and can confirm this fact documented. Has concluded the labor contract with the Georgian employer and plans to work on the territory of the country. Is going to invest in the economy of Georgia large amounts of money or open its own business in the country.
The authorities of the state have the right to refuse to issue a residence permit to a foreigner who has previous convictions, serious and dangerous diseases for the society, or who used fake documents or had previously had problems with the law in the territory of Georgia or was deported from it.
The residence permit is issued for a maximum of six years, after which it can be extended.
All works are good.
Get a residence permit by formalizing a work contract is a popular way to become with time and a permanent resident of Georgia. Qualified specialists are always in demand in the country and a suitable Russian citizen can find a suitable vacancy on specialized websites or during a study tour to the Transcaucasian republic. Recently, the tourism industry in Georgia has been intensively developing, and in connection with this, the labor market has a lot of jobs for guides and guides, interpreters and workers of hotels and restaurants, highly qualified builders of various specialties and service workers. Doctors and nurses, IT specialists and accountants, teachers of kindergartens and teachers of Russian in schools are in demand.
The migrant work visa, and then the residence permit, are executed on the basis of the signed labor contract with the Georgian employer. Five years in the status of an immigrant with a residence permit on a working visa give grounds to file documents for obtaining Georgian citizenship.
Business people.
Investing large amounts of money in the Georgian economy gives the foreigner an opportunity to take advantage of various benefits when obtaining residence permits in Georgia. The state pursues a policy of comprehensive support of small and medium-sized businesses, and therefore the opening of small enterprises in the service sector or the tourism industry is strongly welcomed and supported. According to the law, a foreigner can become a shareholder and the head of the company in Georgia, and therefore it is not necessary to look for a local resident to register an enterprise.
Think for yourself, decide for yourself.
Georgia is considered a very favorable country for the relocation of citizens from the republics of the former USSR. The Georgians and Russians have a very similar mentality, almost all the residents of the republic understand the Russian language and speak it, so integration into Georgian society passes quickly and painlessly. Promotes comfortable socialization and hospitality of the inhabitants of the republic.
It is important to remember that the country does not accept dual citizenship, and therefore, to get the coveted blue Georgian passport will have to be abandoned at first from the red, Russian.
Citizenship can be obtained either by the right of blood, born from Georgian parents, or by going through the process of naturalization. Adult foreign migrants use the second method. In this case, you can apply for citizenship after five years of legal residence in Georgia and compliance with all migration laws of the republic.
Obligatory conditions that an immigrant must meet for obtaining Georgian citizenship:
To speak the state language at a sufficient level for communication and understanding. Know the laws of the country and its history. Have a permanent job or a source of financial resources sufficient for life. Owning real estate in Georgia.
Without observing these requirements, citizenship of Georgia can be obtained only by a foreigner, which is of undoubted interest for the country – an outstanding scientist, sportsman, cultural figure. The citizenship of such immigrants is appropriated personally by the President of the country.
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