How to move to Cyprus.
This land area in the eastern Mediterranean is called the island of Aphrodite. Indeed, Cyprus is not only very beautiful, but also very attractive from the point of view of climatic conditions, which makes it interesting for potential immigrants. There are a lot of immigrants on the island, and according to statistics, more than 50 thousand of its inhabitants are Russian citizens. Immigration specialists say that to answer the question of how to move to Cyprus, it is enough to get a passport and entrust its fate to professionals from numerous legal agencies located right on the island.
A little about the country.
In addition to the magnificent Mediterranean climate, the island of Aphrodite offers foreigners ample opportunities to conduct their own business, work or education. The country’s tax legislation allows its residents to earn well, and the constantly growing indicators of the economy of Cyprus guarantee the implementation of social programs and the provision of various benefits to all categories of low-income citizens.
Reasons for obtaining residence permit.
In order to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus, it is enough to become the owner of real estate in the country. You can register your residence permit in stages:
First of all, a foreigner is required to obtain a category D visa, which gives the right to apply not only for entry to Cyprus, but also for obtaining a residence permit if there are grounds for doing so. A temporary residence permit allows you to reside on the Greek part of the island for 4 years. In addition to documents on the availability of real estate will have to provide the authorities with an extract from the bank account confirming that the income of a family of two people is at least 15,000 euros annually. After five years of residence in the country on the basis of temporary residence permit, the applicant has the right to apply for permanent resident status. In addition to the certificate of income, the applicant will need medical insurance and documents on the right to own property.
An undeniable advantage over other job seekers is a solid investment in real estate. If the amount spent on the purchase of square meters has exceeded 300 thousand euros, you can get a residence permit in the shortest possible time.
Legal ways to move to Cyprus for permanent residence.
In order to qualify for a residence permit in the Greek part of the island, it is not necessary to purchase a villa or an apartment. A temporary residence permit, referred to here as Pink Slip, is issued to other categories of foreign citizens:
Students who take the course of educational programs in local higher educational institutions. Parents and guardians accompanying the student during the entire period of study. Foreign workers who have signed an official working contract with the employer. Heads of local enterprises with foreign citizenship. Honeymooners who marry a citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus.
Persons with a passive stable income, able to confirm annual financial receipts of 30 thousand euros for a family of two people, can also apply for a residence permit. This category usually includes wealthy pensioners. The only condition for applicants of this category is a ban on work on the territory of the island.
Renewal of residence permit should be done in advance and submit the necessary documents at least one month before the expiration of Pink Slip. A prerequisite for maintaining the status of a temporary resident is staying on the island. Leave it for longer than two years is not recommended – the residence permit in this case is canceled.
Business plans.
The territory of the Greek part of the island of Cyprus created favorable conditions for doing business by foreigners. The benefits of starting your own business here are quite obvious: knowledge of a foreign language is not necessary, the opportunity for immigration of all members of the businessman’s family is present, and taxes and working conditions are very loyal in comparison with other countries in the region.
In order for the Cypriot authorities to allow the applicant to start his own business, he must confirm the availability of sufficient personal capital, acquired legally. The size of the bank account required to open an enterprise is determined by local authorities and depends on the type of activity and region, but the authorized capital of the newly created company must be at least $ 100,000.
In order to move to live in Cyprus as the founder of the company, in addition to the finance, it is necessary to submit documents on qualifications or education, confirmation of the ownership of the property or its lease, medical insurance and the results of the medical examination and a certificate of absence of previous convictions.
Legal residence in Cyprus for the purpose of conducting and developing business for five years gives the foreigner the right to obtain permanent residence permit, and two years later – Cypriot citizenship.
Northern Cyprus and the minimum of formalities.
The northern part of the island of Cyprus gives potential immigrants especially loyal conditions for obtaining a residence permit. Come here, citizens of Russia have the right already if there is a valid passport. A visa to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to a resident of the Russian Federation is not required. Even being a tourist, you have the right to apply for a temporary residence permit. Usually consideration of a question occurs in a month’s time.
To obtain a permanent residence permit, the foreigner will have to live in northern Cyprus for 10 years with a temporary permit and comply with all the migration and domestic laws of the country.
Buying property in the northern part of the island of Aphrodite provides the right to obtain the status of a temporary resident automatically. After 6 years, the residence permit receives all rights of a permanent resident.
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