How to move to Brazil.
A little about the country Where to start? Legal ways to move to Brazil for permanent residence All work is good Business people will declare you husband and wife. Think yourself, decide for yourself.
Ostap Bender’s cherished dream, Brazil does not so often appear among Russians in both tourist destinations and search queries about emigration. Still, the question of how to move to Brazil, lovers of the sea, the sun, wild monkeys and white pants periodically ask specialists visa fees and consultants on migration issues.
A little about the country.
Brazil is located in warm latitudes and even in the midst of winter it is rarely colder + 15 � C. The cost of residential real estate and public services in the country is much lower than Russian realities, and the attitude of the local population to foreigners is very hospitable and welcoming. Slightly marred by the high crime rate impression, but if you avoid walking in criminal areas, living in Brazil can be a long, successful and happy.
Where to begin?
Special reasons for entering Brazil with tourist purposes to Russian citizens do not have to come up. The agreement between the governments of the two countries abolished the visa regime and now, for a visit to Brazil for not more than 90 days, the Russian resident will need only a foreign passport. If your goal is immigration to Brazil, you need to issue a visa. Documents must be submitted to the consular department of the Embassy of Brazil. Usually, Brazilians are very loyal to all applicants and can only refuse to issue a visa if the applicant has problems with the law at home or has already violated Brazilian migration law earlier.
Legal ways to move to Brazil for permanent residence.
The next stage for a potential immigrant is obtaining a residence permit in Brazil. Experts believe that the immigration policy of the Brazilian authorities quite strict and legitimate ways of obtaining Brazilian citizenship there is not so much. The most common among foreigners:
Marriage with a citizen or a Brazilian citizen. A spouse-foreigner is automatically issued a residence permit for a period of four years. Family reunification. If close relatives, children or parents are citizens of Brazil, a foreigner has the right to apply for a residence permit. Business immigration is a real and not too expensive way to move to Brazil compared to other countries. Employment. The need for qualified specialists in the country is very acute and it is quite possible to find a job for a graduate foreigner.
The residence permit is issued on the basis of a package of necessary documents and is extended as required.
All works are good.
If you want to develop in your profession, build a good career and get decent pay for your work, pay attention to the possibility of working immigration to Brazil. Plus there will be social guarantees and bonuses, which local employers do not forget. For example, in Brazil it is assumed that the company pays employees the way to work and back, compensates for the costs of the gym, etc. Material support for the birth of a child in Brazil is provided to both parents, even if the mother was not officially registered at the time of delivery. Medical insurance for working qualified specialists in the country can also afford.
The most popular working specialties in Brazil are IT specialists, medium medical personnel and doctors, agronomists, livestock producers, interpreters and guides.
To negative moments of employment in Brazil can be attributed features of the mentality of the local population. Like all Latin Americans, Brazilians do not like to bother and overcome bureaucratic difficulties, and therefore the local employer, in other equal conditions, will prefer to employ a compatriot in order not to deal with the paperwork of an alien. If you can prove your own worth and convince the Brazilian employer in your special exclusivity, you are guaranteed a residence permit for a work visa.
A working visa and a residence permit for it are issued to a foreigner for two years. After the expiry of the term, the permit can be prolonged, and after four years of work and compliance with all laws of the country – apply for permanent resident status and citizenship of Brazil.
Business people.
One of the fastest and easiest schemes for obtaining Brazilian citizenship is investing in the economy of the country. To obtain a residence permit, which after a few months of residence in Brazil will become permanent, it is enough to open your own company with an authorized capital of 100 thousand US dollars. Three years in the status of a resident with a permanent residence permit give the right to claim the citizenship of Brazil.
The most promising in Brazil are investments in agriculture, tourism and services. The property is gradually growing in price, but buying it is still profitable in comparison with the developed countries of Europe and America. The only negative is a high tax rate for foreigners when buying an apartment or a house. An immigrant will have to pay a tax of 16 percent of the cost of square meters, while a Brazilian citizen will be held only 2-5 percent.
You will be declared a husband and wife.
Immigration to Brazil through marriage, as in other countries of the world – one of the fastest ways to obtain a residence permit, and then the citizenship of the country. The foreign spouse becomes the holder of the residence permit automatically, it is only necessary to submit the package of documents necessary for the local authorities after the wedding.
Over the next four years, the immigrant will have to live in Brazil and confirm the validity of his marriage – spend time with his spouse, conduct joint farming, rest and make joint visits to relatives and answer questions from migration authorities for interviews and interviews. If no lining occurs during the trial period, the foreigner has the right to claim the citizenship of Brazil and obtain a Brazilian passport.
Think for yourself, decide for yourself.
Brazil allows dual citizenship, and therefore, when you get her passport from the former, you will not have to give it up. Be prepared for the fact that when submitting documents for a passport you will be asked to change the name and surname to more euphonious, according to the Brazilians.