How to move to Azerbaijan
Baku’s “Real Azerbaijan” newspapers (in Russian) and Gundelik Azerbaycan (in Azerbaijani) have experienced serious distribution problems for a long time, and on May 21 authorities closed down editorial premises, claiming that they do not provide fire safety.
About a month before, the founder of both publications, Eynulla Fatullayev, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for slandering the armed forces of Azerbaijan.
“There are many problems in Azerbaijan today, and one of the main problems is that it is impossible to live within the laws and fight for one’s rights. language of strength, language of pressure, “says Uzeyir Jafarov, editor of Gundelik Azerbaycan.
Journalists have applied for political asylum in the embassies of Britain, Germany, Norway, the United States and France. The embassy has not commented on this step in any way.
According to Jafarov, foreign governments do not go beyond official statements of their embassies about various forms of pressure and violence against journalists in Azerbaijan, so they have no choice but to emigrate.
“Now it has become fashionable, every embassy expresses its concern about the freedom of the press in Azerbaijan,” he says. “When journalists are beaten up, they say they are worried when they are keenly worried.”
Some in Azerbaijan called the appeal of journalists for political asylum unpatriotic step and political demarche.
“I think that to some extent this is a gesture of despair, maybe someone is trying to get this shelter and realize their long-standing desire to move to the West, but it’s clear that these people are not threatened with arrest. Yes, their publication today it is not possible to publish it, the premises have been taken away, but this is not the situation in which the West provides political asylum, “commented Rasim Musabekov, a political scientist and member of the Azerbaijani Press Council, in an interview with the Russian service of the BBC.
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