How to leave Romania from ukraine
Residence permit in Romania and grounds for obtaining residence permit:
1. Business immigration to Romania.
The most thorough test for obtaining residence permit is those who decided to get a temporary residence in Romania through the organization of their company. To establish a company, an entrepreneur must show a business project, a document that indicates the availability of funds in the amount of 100,000 euros and the creation of 15 jobs, to the Romanian state body (ARIS), which is responsible for investments from abroad. The first document on temporary residence will be issued for one year, if the intention of the applicant for a residence permit has not changed, then in the future it can be extended.
Temporary residence permits can also be provided to entrepreneurs who often visit the country on business trips.
Attention . Always correctly assess not only your current capabilities, but also the requirements that the country makes. Disregarding this, people often lose their money and time, face the impossibility of family reunification or extension of status. In Europe there are not so many countries where it is possible to obtain residence permit for yourself and for all your family quite easily and without refusals.
2. Work in Romania and Bucharest.
The work permit is granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Based on this permission, a foreigner can find employment in Romania under a private contract, or in other ways under the law of Romania. Work permits can be granted to foreigners who fulfill the conditions for employment and who have a visa for employment in their foreign passports. These visas are issued in consulates or diplomatic missions of Romania in the country of the applicant on the basis of an agreement of the employer.
When issuing a work permit, the employer must pay a tax of 200 US dollars, and during the extension of the contract – $ 100.
The work permit is granted for six months, at the request of the owner it can be renewed every six months. The employer must arrange for the employment of an alien by an individual labor agreement within 10 days from the date of issuance of the work permit, and the foreign citizen can register with the territorial inspectorate of the work.
Please note that our project has a free section “Working in Romania – Vacancies”, where daily vacancies are added with direct contacts of employers.
3. Education and higher education in Romania.
In Romania, higher education is available in educational and research institutions, academies, universities, institutes, conservatories and university colleges. The public sector of higher education includes 49 public universities with 324 branches, and 20 private universities operate in the country. By duration of study: bachelor – 4 years, magistracy – 2 years, doctorate – 4 years.
Romania in 1997 signed the Lisbon Convention on the mutual recognition of academic qualifications by European countries, and Romania is a participant in the Bologna process, its goal is the creation of a pan-European higher education space.
Foreigners who want to study in Romania can apply to the Ministry of Education and Research, or to a certain Romanian university to receive a letter of admission. A foreign student must show good knowledge of the language in which teaching will be conducted (Romanian, English, German or French).
Before arriving in Romania, a foreign student needs to be assured of the documents at the Romanian Embassy in their country, after which it is necessary to obtain a Romanian student visa. After successful enrollment in a Romanian university, a foreign student gets a temporary residence permit for the period of study.
4. Real estate in Romania.
According to the laws of Romania, foreigners can buy any real estate, except land. A plot of land for construction can only be bought in its name by Romanian citizens and a legal entity.
Before the conclusion of the transaction, the seller must provide documents that confirm that the property is registered with the local fiscal authorities, that all taxes have been paid, that a mortgage loan has not been issued for the object, and that the property is legally owned by the owner.
Even buying Romanian real estate, you will not have the right to obtain residence permit.
When marrying a citizen / citizen of Romania, you can get a temporary residence permit for one year. If the intentions of the applicant are not changed, the residence permits can be extended.
Please note, there is a section on the site where you can see photos of the cities of Romania.
Permanent residence in Romania can be requested after having lived in a country with a residence permit status of 5 years, this period may be less if you have Romanian roots. The period of consideration of an application for permanent residence is no more than 6 months.
The leadership of Romania is interested in granting Romanian citizenship to the descendants of the Romanians who lived on the territory of the country until 1940, because they count on an all-Moldovan referendum that democratically confirms the desire of the Moldovans to reunite with Romania. It must also be said that a large number of descendants of Romanian citizens live not only in Moldova, but also in the countries of the former USSR. For today, these people have a unique chance to get a passport – to restore Romanian citizenship. The passport of Romania is equivalent to the passport of the EU countries. Since 2009, you can officially work in many European countries. You do not need to give up your past citizenship, you can have two citizenships in Romania. You do not even need to know the Romanian language. You do not need to change your place of residence, residence permit.
Children who were born from Romanian citizens on Romanian territory, as well as abroad, by birth are Romanian citizens. Even if one of the parents is a Romanian citizen, the child will receive citizenship by birth. It does not matter the place of birth. If the child was found on the territory of Romania and the parents are unknown, then he is also a Romanian citizen by birth.
The citizenship of Romania can be obtained by foreigners aged 18 years and over, if they fulfill a number of conditions. Namely, to apply for citizenship, you need to know the Romanian language well, do not have a criminal record for serious articles, and also legally live in Romania for 5 years. It is also necessary at the time of the petition to reside on the territory of Romania and have sources of subsistence. If a foreigner is married to Romanian citizens, the naturalization period is reduced to 3 years.