How to immigrate to the US?
There are not many ways to immigrate to the US, but still there are. In order to travel to another country you need to think carefully and prepare well. Choose for yourself the most convenient way of immigration. Immigration to the US can be done in two ways:
Direct immigration. Having chosen this kind, you should get a visa in the US embassy, because in our embassy in Moscow they are issued with great difficulty. Except if you have relatives there. Indirect immigration. If you came to America on a non-immigrant visa, then you can get it in America itself. To do this, you will need to follow certain rules that are prescribed for foreign citizens in the United States.
There are also several ways of indirect immigration.
Immigrate with a visa of the bridegroom or bride. If you came to America on such a visa, then you will need to be there already, within three months to marry or marry. And over time, you can get a residence permit first, and then citizenship. However, for this you need to learn English perfectly.
You can also immigrate to America on a working visa. If you work well there, and the employer will want to leave you for an indefinite period of time, then you can stay in the US for permanent residence. After a period of time, your family can come to you and also obtain a residence permit. After you can apply for citizenship.
You can be in a foreign country, like a businessman. If you have an enterprise or company on the territory of the Russian Federation, then you can go to America for any business matters on business. You can open your branch in the states if you are already there, changed your status to directly immigration. You can get a visa not only you, but your whole family.
You can get to America through refugee status if you got it in your homeland. To file such an application to America, there are certain rules that you must follow. They are on the special website of the US Embassy in Russia. Having moved, there you will be able to receive benefits that will help you to live for a while (until you find a job).
What can not be done categorically when immigrating to the US & mdash; video.
Now in the law on refugee status, the US government made some changes, because this is the way people from poor countries began to come to America, who then do not try to find a job. Because the allowance is enough to live without working.