How to go to live in the Czech Republic: legal nuances.
In order to go live in the Czech Republic, you need to learn the Czech language and obtain a certificate of absence of criminal record.
In order to become a citizen of the Czech Republic, it is necessary to live legally in the Czech Republic for five years. For legal residence there must be grounds. This is study, doing business on the territory of the country or official work.
In the recent past, the residence time for citizenship was twice as large.
Knowledge of the Czech language is not required if the person is dumb or has reached sixty-five years old. A work or study visa must be renewed every year.
You can think about making a marriage with a citizen of the country. Naturally, marriage should not be fictitious. This is strictly followed by the authorities of any country, including the Czech Republic. Otherwise, you can go to court and be subject to deportation. Entry to this country will be closed forever. With a married marriage, the waiting period for citizenship is reduced by two years.
It is better to learn a language in your own country. In this case, the adaptation will be easier. It will be possible to improve knowledge on special courses, when the period of residence will approach the threshold for obtaining citizenship.
To marry and find your second half you can use the Internet. On the Internet, many special dating sites, where single people of their Czech Republic are looking for applicants to create a family.
Now a lot in the Czech Republic opens factories, which require a huge amount of labor. Special agencies are engaged in the search for employees. In some cases it is more convenient to contact these agencies. There you can immediately find out what is required for moving with a device to work. Usually in such cases, issues with accommodation, transport from the place of residence to the plant are solved, questions with costs for entry into the country are solved. These all can also be solved through the Internet, chat forums with people who already live and work there.