How to go to Israel to be treated
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The head of the Russian Accounting Chamber, Sergei Stepashin, told the radio station Ekho Moskvy that about 1.25 million Russians left the country in the past 10 years. This chamber tracks migration indicators for tax revenues.
According to Stepashin, the outcome is so large that it can be compared with the flight of people from Russia after the Bolshevik revolution. ”
It turns out that the poet Igor Irtenev and his family emigrate to Israel. “I can not bear the thought that every year for the next 12 years we will have to watch on TV [Vladimir] Putin,” says the 64-year-old poet about the Russian leader, who runs a relatively stable country, though corrupted and increasingly limiting personal freedom. “I can not live that long.” I want to leave now. ”
Freely, as the saying goes, will … Many people did not like this act of the truth-trumpet poet. Like, Putin is one thing, and Russia is another.
“It’s time for the old man to rewrite his former netlenku:
I loved my homeland.
Twenty years ago.
But he considered that the tsar was a moron.
And I had to fuck ”
Others thought that Irtenev did the right thing, because “it’s time to cut”.
“Well done, that they are leaving this ghetto!”
Civil war-war will soon begin here and everything will be drowned in blood ”
Still others expressed themselves in love for his poems. Finally, someone wrote about oncology that he is going to be treated, because the citizens of Israel are treated there for free. Then everyone began to wish him health.
He was indignant that the neighbor journalist used his story as an excuse for writing another passing material on an ideological theme. Today, opponents of the regime use the tactics that tell of the millions who are about to emigrate. These millions of emigrants changed millions of those shot. And Irtenev does not want to be one of a million – he wants, like everyone else, to be the only one. And he really goes to Israel to be treated, and to be treated for free, he needs to live there for a while.
So most of our bloggers have decided.
The American poet and citizen is unhappy that Irtenev is going to shamelessly “milk” Israel. What his business – I will not put my mind to it.
Well, the Israelis did not remain indifferent either.
“You know, as a person who has been living in Israel for a long time and regularly pays taxes here – to which you, in particular, realize your Jewish right to” free for the citizens of Israel “wonderful medicine, only after suffering six months and one day, – I am dissatisfied with how you describe your departure to the second airfield.
these very attempts to justify themselves before the very shit Russian for a trip to the Jewish state – the most disgusting in this ugly history … ”
And even wrote poems.
“Lover of vodka with a snack.
A lover of vodka with a snack,
He was a Jew by father,
But my mother was Russian,
What can not be said on the face.
What, even if he does not lie,
Our plan is unclear to us,
Although known in advance.
Spiritual thirst we languish,
The poet, embarrassed his wife-mermaid,
The arrow flies in Yershalaim.
He, I do not presume to guess,
See, under the sky of Palestine.
He smelt another Rus,
But people everywhere say,
On the market day for half a Jew.
They give five hundred apapchat!
Separation, as the poet wrote.
And he showed everyone stealthily.
Oh, he means a Jew only from his father? And he did not pay taxes! It is urgent to change the laws!
Oh, what a woman lived.
At the Kursk railway station,
She ate and drank,
She played on the trumpet.
She loved Walter Scott.
And she opened her head.
It is in any context.
Always was myself,
Always was in place.
And next did not fly,
It broke to pieces.
And other details.
Its typhoid halo.
Leaving behind his back.
And in his youth he had such a romantic appearance. Let him recover. A citizen from the United States will be killed.
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And honestly, I have not been inspired to look at bothex face for another 12 years.
In essence, the case: a person openly declares that he is going to use Israel. Get a basket of absorption for the whole family, free medical care and yet everything different that is due to the new repatriate (even three) at the expense of the taxpayers of Israel. Nothing to him while not giving. Popolzovavshis and dump.
A declaration of free intentions – there.
My children live and work in Israel, pay taxes and protect them with weapons in their hands. And they regard this situation as well as I do.