How to go to China to retire
Apparently, you and the culture do not really know them, if you do not know the language.
topic options & gt; ignore the subject.
Yes, it’s cheaper there for our current salary. Ie, if you work here and go to rest there, then the services and goods are cheaper there, but if you work for him, then he will work there, on the same terms and for the same money as the local ones. This is at best.
topic options & gt; ignore the subject.
There’s a very cheap life. At $ 150 a month you can live.
I can start by recommending the page there you can learn languages including Chinese + communication with native speakers.
Why not Bulgaria (give residence permits for the purchase of real estate), and the language is fully mastered, and Europe is somehow.
I heard that our retired people are leaving for Bulgaria and live in the same way.
But my scro-oh-omnenkoe IMHO, China is not particularly attractive, even with the cheapness of life.
Ecology is very bad, think. And the climate.
And alien, completely alien culture.
Language. You do not even know how to read (not, well, you can learn if you want, but is it worth it?)
So in Vietnam, for example, is also cheap. current in FIG. that Vietnam, one thing a tourist, and another permanent residence.
We have a friend lived there, grit, 250 dollars worth removing a chic trash with furniture, eat – a maximum of $ 5.
This Latvia gives. Excuse the mua.
in China, of course, it will be easier to collect bottles. the language is almost native and people. almost native.
Why not Bulgaria (give residence permits for the purchase of real estate), and the language is fully mastered, and Europe is somehow.
Oops. read through. excuse me. )))
even a flower can stop a bullet.
My grandfather’s husband (they moved from Europe to Israel) so first time saying: “there would be a suitable tree – I would hang myself”.
But there was no suitable. on palms it is not convenient, on bushes it is low.
By the way, he moved at an age already. So could not accept neither the country nor the language. I was terribly sad. And I fell ill even with longing. Do you think that happens in current books? Nope.
Basic Tutorial – & quot; Chinese Practical Course & quot; under the editorship of Kondrashevsky, he had already been reprinted ten times probably. On the torrents hangs for sure, he is very popular.
There are also sites where the non-active speakers check your homework, and you are very useful because they have a lively language, and in the textbooks there are often phrases that no one already uses (in Chinese lessons this was very often).
If you decide to take up the Chinese, do not make any breaks in training, everything is completely forgotten !! This is a feature of all foreign languages, but the Chinese just flee from the head for a couple of months. I taught him for a year, then I had to give up and now after 2 years, I will be able to write only a couple of dozen hieroglyphs.