How to go to Canada after 11 years of school? Or after the university?
PS I hope you learn at your own expense.
A daughter of a friend, mathematician, Ph.D., sent out resumes to many Canadian firms, but as a result she could leave on a working visa only to a university in Melbourne, Australia.
A similar case with the candidate of sciences in chemistry, she managed to get an invitation to work in some kind of a freelance university in the USA. She was plowing there like a horse for 3 years, but she was refused a visa extension, and she had to get married. For the guard.
The first one also has a husband. Bus driver.
However, both have real marriages and have children. For a fictitious marriage, you can get a term.
Meanwhile, the specialty and work experience in Russia is getting.
There are programs for emigration for professionals, businessmen, investors, famous artists and athletes. Well, or as the options above.
Search: “Immigration to Canada”. Read. By the way, there is a nationwide (federal) immigration program, and there are also provinces. Honor everything.
Suppose, the next year you can do it. After graduation (completion of the student visa) there is no right to stay for permanent residence, but give enough time to find work in the specialty. Already in the last year of study, foreign students are looking for work with a working visa. A few years later receive permanent residence. Another 5 years and citizenship. As you can see, not everything is so fast.
The path through the Russian university is very long and not real.
I can add to such things:
1. To marry a Russian-speaking Canadian. Not a fictitious marriage, but the real one. According to my observations, young guys, Russian Canadians, graduate from universities, everything is fine with them, and they seek a wife in Russia through friends (I understand why, but I will not explain here so as not to deviate from the topic of the question)
2. To marry a white Canadian. Not the one that remained almost without pants after the first marriage with the Canadian and now he needs free servants and. other services, but a normal educated Canadian who does not pay the Elements.
3. Read information about the state program Live in caregiver and try it on yourself. Can the work of a nanny be suitable? When the completed work experience of the nanny ends, you, being in Canada, can go on immigration and get the status of a permanent resident of the country -permanent resident (the status preceding the citizenship)
Good English? And what level? Check it by passing the test online and improve it to the next level, do not waste time. Good luck!