How to go live in the US, where better to plan geographically? And there is someone here with the United States, I would like to talk more closely!
How to go live in the US, where better to plan geographically? And there is someone here with the United States, I would like to talk more closely!
I lived on a visit, I will move.
The main question to you is WHAT CAN YOU OFFER STATE?
choose a staff that is close to the climate, because of the change of food, the situation for the first year is quite heavy for adaptation. Choose a small city with a community college, it will be cheaper to get education, and there it is already possible to move to any city. To leave the family must leave one first, to work, to unlearify, to get a working visa, to win a green card, perhaps there are no more options. Begin with the fact that the decision is whether you are a big specialist and whether you really can find a job in the US by casting their CVs, if not, do you have money to unlear out here-in college, the year of training is from 12,000, in a university from 25,000.
1. Win a green card, apply for http: // www. dvlottery. state. gov / (remove the spaces), this fall.
2. Get a slave. contract with Amer. company, on this basis get a slave. visa, to come, live and work as much as contracted, then, perhaps, an employer can draw up documents for a green card. The option is very difficult to find an employer who would be embarrassed by a slave. a visa for a foreigner – you need to be a super specialist with a lot of experience.
3. Enter the university, get a student. visa, live and study, while continuing education, you can work 20 hours a week. Less is hard to get a stud. visa. Then find an employer and continue on the scheme option 2.
4. Get the polit. asylum, you need proof of persecution + a strong story (from Russia – 99% unrealistic).
Work in Canada on a work visa. registration of documents at the expense of the employer salary: from 2200-4200 $ more information you can find on the company’s website link is blocked by the decision of the project administration There are not many ways to legally immigrate to the US, but they are.
It is necessary to carefully prepare, choose the method of immigration.
Immigration to the US can be done in two ways:
– Direct immigration. Get an immigrant visa at the US Embassy in Moscow. In other consulates in Russia, immigrant visas are not issued.
Immigrant visas are issued in Moscow with difficulty. Typically, on a petition from relatives of US citizens (family reunification program), and the second category is immigration visas in the United States for the winners of the Green Card Lottery.
– Indirect immigration. Come to the United States on a non-immigrant visa, and already there, change your status to an immigration visa. This way requires much more time and money, but, unfortunately, for many this is the only possible way.
List of real ways of immigration in the US:
– Immigration through the Green Card Lottery.
– Immigration through the visa of the bride.
– Immigration through a religious visa.
– Immigration through employment in the US.
– Immigration through the L1 visa for businessmen.
– Immigration through obtaining refugee status.
if something interests specifically, you can write to me.