How to get there by train to Simferopol? Schedule and price of the railway ticket.
Attention! According to the rules of Russian Railways, Moscow time is indicated for Russian stations. Local time is indicated for stations outside of Russia.
Train schedule “Simferopol”
Only on August 23rd.
Only on October 23rd.
Only on August 27th.
The location of the platform “Simferopol” on the map.
Now you know where the Simferopol station is located and that from Simferopol you can go on 203 trains, with 10 of them branded, but as a rule tickets for them cost more.
From Simferopol without a transfer, you can reach 74 cities:
How to find out the cost and availability of train tickets:
To buy a railway ticket to Simferopol, you need to enter the date and other necessary parameters on the sites of sellers from our rating, including the number and type of passengers. Then you will know the exact cost of the ticket to Simferopol and the availability of seats on the train.
Please note that children under 5 years can travel free of charge without providing a seat, as well as for children under 9 years of age only at half price.
Sale and delivery of tickets for the train:
How to get to Simferopol by train? A lot of services provide such an opportunity. Many of them provide a ticket delivery service.
But you can not even get a paper ticket, because now many electronic trains support electronic registration. Thanks to her, you can take the train by simply presenting an ID card to the conductor.
If you need reporting, select an electronic ticket to the SIMFEROPOL PASS station and exchange the received code for a paper ticket at the train station in the self-service terminal or at the ticket office.