How to get from Ukraine to Slovakia.
Instructions on how it is faster and more profitable to get from Kiev to Bratislava. By train or plane?
Hello! Today I want to talk about how you can get from Ukraine to Slovakia. Specifically, I will talk about how you can get from Kiev to Bratislava, this is the option we have always used, so about it in more detail.
First, about some common options. The simplest and probably the obvious option, for many the most understandable, is the train. Now the train Kiev-Bratislava is going. He goes every day, at 15:22 he leaves Kiev, and goes somewhere 28 hours to Bratislava. First of all, it is convenient because you have boarded in Kiev, no transplants, you do not need to do anything, and have arrived in Bratislava. Plus a bit easier with luggage than in an airplane, or some other options. But, of course, for a long time. Everyone should decide this for himself. the ticket for this train costs somewhere around 80 euros, so this is also not the cheapest option.
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What other options are there? There are regular buses. Unfortunately, I did not see direct buses to Bratislava, maybe they are. We, in principle, do not use this option. But once we went to our bus to the city of Bryno, this is a city in the Czech Republic, from Bratislava a little more than 100 km. That is, we had such a convenient option – a person came to Bryno, and we went by car, he was taken away.
There is another, quite popular option for those who often travel – these are private carriers that carry you from the border cities of Ukraine – from Lviv, Uzhgorod, other cities – they carry simply by minibuses. What is the advantage of such people? Of course, again, with things there is a bit easier, you can take more things. They go fast enough, probably, it is convenient, but in case you live somewhere in those parts, or it’s easier for you to get there.
The downside, of course, of such services is that these are not voyages of any buses that do not have a specific timetable, and you need to coordinate by phone with the driver and the carrier when you can go.
Another plus of this option is that very often you are brought not somewhere to the railway station or to the city center, but specifically to the address you say. That is, you loaded things, and you were brought directly under the house, under the entrance, unloaded and everything. You do not need to go any further along the city, to drag yourself along.
The last option, which I want to tell you more freely – this is the option that we use. We fly by airplane. Unfortunately, there is no direct Kiev-Bratislava airplane, but there is a flight Kiev-Budapest. It is them that we fly. This flight of the company “Vizair”, he flies from the Kiev airport “Zhulyany”. “Vizair” is a company with low prices and corresponding restrictions to these low prices. Schedule, prices, availability of tickets and days of departure of the aircraft you can see on the official website of the company –
There you can also buy tickets. I recommend doing it exactly there, because it is very convenient and good price. That is, you registered on the site, chose the right date, looked at the availability of the aircraft and the price. Be sure to look and compare different dates, because at different dates the prices can be very different. And, of course, the closer the date, the more expensive the ticket will be.
After you have chosen the necessary tickets, you can immediately pay them here. Everything, you have paid for tickets. When you pay you will be offered to buy some additional services. Pay attention to the fact that you do not need to pay these services immediately, you can then buy these services. But you need to do this through the same company website, because if you buy extra baggage, for example, at the airport, then it will cost twice as much.
After you bought a ticket, you need to register. Again, you can register online either at the airport. If you pass at the airport, it will also cost twice as much. What is registration? Registration – is the introduction of information about passengers, some additional information, after which you will already be given an electronic ticket. You simply print this e-ticket on any printer and take it with you. This, in fact, is your boarding pass.
Everything, you came to the airport, passed all the controls, and flew to Budapest. What’s next? In Budapest, again, you pass passport control, you take your luggage, and further to you in order to go to Bratislava, you need to get to the railway station. Of course, you can go by taxi, you can go by taxi even to Bratislava. But I will tell you about a more economical option. You need at the airport to buy tickets for the bus and the metro in order to get to the railway station.
After you got your luggage and went to the airport hall, on the left you will see a rack with information, and immediately after it there will be another stall, a kiosk, where you can buy tickets for city transport. Here you can buy, pay with a card, so you do not need to have the Hungarian currency with you. You can buy immediately enough tickets.
Hence, for each person in order to get to the station, you need two tickets for public transport. Therefore, you buy the right number of tickets, they speak English, if you need something, tell them something – they will prompt you. In principle, everything is clear. Samples of tickets at the bottom lie, show them a finger, they will sell you.
Next, you go outside from the airport building, there are also buses. There are different pointers to specific routes. You need a 200E bus. Find the bus stop, it goes every 10 minutes. Sit in the bus, immediately at the entrance compost the ticket, and arrange comfortable. Because the bus will go somewhere about 30 minutes, and it will go to the last stop. That is, you do not pass your stop.
At the last stop you need to go, take the subway. There, too, there are a lot of pointers, you can ask someone how to get through. But, in principle, we immediately found where the signs were.
So, you took the subway, and you go to the station “Kelvinen”. It is a green branch, on the green branch you pass, look, in what direction further to you to go, towards station “�������”, and sit, accordingly, on a train, and you reach the station. Everything, you came to the station, I congratulate you.
Further, you exit the metro, rise higher, on the station square. You see a large station building. Come inside, it’s such an indoor station, but inside the train, I do not know what that format is called. In general, it does not matter. On the left side you will see the sign “International Cashier”. You go there, there is an electronic queue inside there, that is, there is such a small machine on which you need to press a button, get a coupon with a number, and then wait for this number to be displayed on the scoreboard and you will be called.
Everything, your room is lit up, you come to the ticket office, say “Bratislava”, buy both there and back a ticket, because one-way ticket costs 16 euros, and the ticket in two sides costs 18. It operates on no particular train, but just on the direction. That is, you bought a ticket today, you can go to Bratislava within a month and return to any of the available trains.
In principle, they also speak English here, if you do not have any problems with this, you can ask if you need something. But, usually, there is nothing to ask. Just buy the nearest train to Bratislava. Pay here, at the checkout, too, can be a card, no problem.
Everything, you bought a ticket, wait for your train, look carefully at what time there will be a train. If you suddenly come to the station, and you understand that the queue is big, and your train will be very soon, you can turn to the employee or to some window of the cash register and say that: “Our train will be soon”. They, usually, react to it well, meet halfway: “Yes, of course, please” and sell you a ticket.
After you bought a ticket, you are waiting for your train. Comes your train, usually you need a car with such a large number 2, this is the second class, there are several of them. If you do not see or doubt, you can ask any conductor of “Bratislava?”, You will be prompted in which car you can sit. Everything, you entered the car. There are two types of cars: open or coupe. In any case, these are all carriages with seats, you sat in a vacant seat, and quietly you yourself are eating until Bratislava.
This train goes somewhere 2.5-3 hours, but, be careful, Bratislava at these trains is never the terminal station. And, usually, in Bratislava it is not very long. Therefore, you need to closely monitor the time, and do not miss when you go out.
Everything, you have reached Bratislava. I congratulate you, welcome! Polite taxi drivers are waiting for you. Or maybe your friends or relatives, a bus stop. Further on, depending on where exactly in Bratislava you need to get.
I hope that this instruction will help someone. Come, please. If any questions, ask. Below this video will leave the necessary links. Please ask, look, come. Everything, for now!
Train schedule Budapest-Bratislava. Departure from Budapest: 5:25, 7:25, 9:25, 11:25, 13:25, 15:25, 17:25, 20:05.
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