How to get from the center of Barcelona to the airport.
Barcelona International Airport El Prat de Lobregat (Aeroport Internacional de Barcelona) consists of two terminals T1 and T2, it is located just 10 kilometers from the city center, connected to it by railway and bus services. If the flight early in the morning or late at night is easier to book a taxi. In addition, you will meet a Russian-speaking driver, help with luggage, and also the city will show. Renting a car can also be considered as one of the options to get to the city.
The easiest way to get to Barcelona Airport by Aerobus (Airport Express Bus Service) is by special buses from Barcelona that bring you from the airport to the city center (Plaza Catalunya) and back. Airbuses run every 5-10 minutes from early morning to late evening, travel time 30 minutes. Ticket T10 or a transport card for this bus is not valid. The ticket for this bus costs � 5.35 one way. If you plan to fly back within 9 days, you can buy a round-trip ticket – it will cost 8.65 euros.
Please note that the bus route number corresponds to the terminal number – this is important to remember on the way back. Externally, the buses look exactly the same, Terminal 1 takes you to A1 bus, to Terminal 2, respectively, A2.
Tickets for buses from the airport enter Barcelona City Pass, together with a visit to Sagrada Familia and discounts on other attractions. You just print out an e-ticket and get on the bus. Details can be found here.
You can also use the municipal public bus. In the daytime it is Route 46 (with an interval of 30-40 minutes), it costs � 1.45, and at night – itinerary No. 17 (with a 20-minute traffic interval). Just remember that these buses do not have luggage compartments and go longer because they make a lot of stops.
The airport can also be reached via the Renfe (or Rondalies) train. It’s a little more complicated, but cheaper.
The train goes to the airport via the R2 (Nord) line, which can be reached directly from the central stations of Barcelona Sants (or in another way, Sants Estacio), Passeig de Gracia and Clot. Trains run once every 25 minutes. Direction: Aeroport.
Attention! There are no direct trains from Placa Catalunya, you will need to make a transfer. To travel by train to the airport, a T-10 ticket or a card for 2, 3, 4, 5 days is valid.
The railway station is located at the terminal T2. Passengers arriving at the T1 terminal should use the free bus that connects the terminals to each other.
The time of movement is from 5.20 to 23.30.
The journey time is 30 minutes.
Upon arrival at the Aeroport station, you just need to follow the signs.
From the stop of the train to the building of Terminal 2 you will need to walk for 5 minutes, and you will go to the airport from the second floor of the Terminal 2 building, which is the gate of Terminal 2. You will need to hand over the bags on the ground floor. Therefore, if you depart from Terminal 2, and you do not need to take the bag and put a seal in your passport, you do not need to go down and you can immediately go to the gate. To do this, simply turn left at the entrance to Terminal 2 without going down. Passage to Terminal 1 is through Terminal 2. Remember that Terminal 1 does not have a direct exit to the platform, and you will need to make a small trip on the free micro-bus.
Perhaps you want to use the services of a taxi, then you can, for reliability, book it in advance.
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