How to get from Sochi to Georgia?
From Sochi to Georgia by car.
Route on the map.
The distance by car is 461 km.
The time is 7 hours 8 minutes by car.
The fare (petrol) 0 rub.
Calculation of the cost of gasoline l / 100 km r. / liter 0 rub.
Air tickets.
When I was planning a trip to Sochi, I had an idea to visit Georgia. One of the favorite options was a ferry ride. Having considered all possible versions, I stopped on voyage by water transport, although there are other variations of the routes.
To Georgia by car.
On a weekend tour, you will not turn on this trip, because only the road will take about 8 hours. If you go for a week, then you can ride a car. The distance between Sochi and Borjomi is 461 km.
The route from Sochi to the border with Abkhazia.
The road section runs along the sea, the landscapes are spectacular. On the way it is interesting to visit Adler and the Olympic Village.
Quality of the road.
The highway coverage is good, with a clear marking and without damage, a sinuous, but not particularly dangerous. During the day, the road is loaded, especially in the summer. The path to the Abkhazian border will take about half an hour. The distance is 20km.
Crossing the border with Abkhazia.
Pass the border is not difficult, the checkpoint operates at any time of day. It is enough for Russian citizens to carry a civil or foreign passport, driver’s license and car documents. When presenting a civil passport, the mark on the crossing is not put. On the Russian part, the driver and passengers need to get out of the car for baggage, they do not need to get out of the car on Abkhazia’s post, it’s enough to show the documents.
The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. However, in summer large queues form. Therefore, it is better to cross the border early in the morning or in the evening.
From the border to Sukhumi.
This site can be overcome in three hours, the distance will be about 130 km.
The quality of the road is good, and the panorama of the sea and mountains will make the trip fascinating. Gagra and Novy Afon resorts will be an excellent place to visit.
In Gagra it is interesting to visit the castle of Prince Oldenburg and the fortress of Abaat. The seaside park is distinguished by exotic plants and picturesque alleys.
From Sukhumi to the Georgian border.
The border with Georgia remains only 1h.30min. – 2h. During this time, a distance of 95 km is overcome.
The roads in this part of Abkhazia are not famous for good quality. Central highways are not bad, but are far from ideal. On secondary overpasses it is better not to call in, especially not trained drivers. In most places there are no signs.
Because of the characteristic hot mentality, Abkhazians like to exceed speed, and violate the rules of the road. Be vigilant, the DPS is also trying to fine cars with non-local numbers. In case of violations, employees of the DPS can withdraw their rights before paying a fine, and the amounts are large enough. Even if nothing is violated, you can attribute violations and deceit to lure a bribe. Therefore, before such a trip it is better to install a DVR that would prove its rightness.
Crossing the border with Georgia.
The way to Georgia is through the checkpoint “Ingur”.
Georgia regards Abkhazia as not a recognized state and its territory, so if you have a mark of Abkhaz customs in your passport, pay not a small fine, and you will not be considered legally infiltrated into the country.
Do not delay the journey for the evening, the checkpoint runs until 19-00.
Zugdidi – Borjomi.
After tiring passport control, go to the city of Zugdidi. Here, try Georgian cuisine, stroll through the streets and again on the road.
On the highway E97, and after Senaki E60, for 4-5 hours you arrive in Borjomi. The distance is 230 km.
The road is good, there are mountain serpentines. Infrastructure is equipped, a large number of gas stations, hotels, cafes and restaurants.
To Georgia by water transport.
You can take the ferry from Sochi to Batumi. This is an interesting and unusual way of traveling, especially given the absence of hassle at the border.
Timetable and purchase of tickets.
Transportation is carried out on Fridays and Tuesdays. The journey takes 5-6 hours.
Buy tickets can be in the ticket office number 3 of the seaport. On the day of departure, they work from 10 o’clock. You can book in advance by phone, but not later than a month.
The price is 4000 rubles. There is a free place for luggage up to 20 kg.
To Georgia by air.
From Sochi, flights are made to the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi, as well as to the resort city of Batumi.
Purchase and ticket prices.
The average price of the flight from Sochi to Tbilisi is 34,000 rubles, the cheapest tickets are about 18,000 rubles, the maximum price is 115,000 rubles.
The journey time is only 33 minutes.
The average cost of flight Sochi-Batumi will be 17327 rubles. The cheapest can be bought for a month, subject to the morning departure in the middle of the week. Their price is from 15000 rub.
Also from Sochi to Batumi it is possible to fly with a transfer in Moscow or in Istanbul. But this method is not advisable, since it takes about 16 hours.
The purchase is carried out at the airport ticket offices or by booking on the site.