How to get from Barcelona to Andorra and how long will it take?
The way Barcelona – Andorra de la Vella is between 196 and 215 km, but how to get there independently and how many will have to travel depends only on the time that the traveler has, the financial means and his own preferences in choosing transport.
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This should be taken into account by everyone who wants to visit a small European principality, especially those who bought a tour to its ski resorts. Its operating airport is not there, just like the railway.
How can I get there?
The distance between Barcelona and Andorra can be overcome by:
In each of the ways that you can get to Andorra there are pluses and minuses.
Transfer from Barcelona airport to Andorra is most convenient for those who bought a tour to the Pyrenees ski resorts of the principality. Usually the tour already includes a meeting with a hotel shuttle, delivering a tourist to the threshold of his hotel.
If the trip is carried out independently, and the personal transfer of Barcelona – Andorra from the hotel is not booked for any reason, then it is possible to use the services of a private or general transfer from the terminal.
A private transfer is ordered through an appropriate online service or with the help of a pavilion to provide these services to tourists located in the terminal building, near the exit to the buses.
Waiting time is from 2 hours, and the cost varies depending on the speed of delivery and the class of the ordered car, the amount of luggage does not matter how much and how many people go. These questions are asked when placing a transfer order from Barcelona only to determine the right vehicle.
The cost of transfers is not as economical as many think:
individual transfer costs from 220 euros and above; total – from 46 euros.
The number of kilometers separating the farthest resort of Encamp and El Prat airport, transfers for 2.5-3 hours, without making stops on the way. An individual transfer can be booked from anywhere in Barcelona, but you can only get there by car in the resort hotel from which the car arrived, which is absolutely not necessary for those who want to visit the capital of Andorra, rather than its ski slopes.
Buses from Barcelona following to Andorra await passengers at the airport on the exits from the first and second terminals and on the bus platform of the Barcelona Sants station complex. There are a lot of flights, at least 8, and in the tourist season the buses leave every hour.
Transportation is carried out by two companies:
Bus company Direct Bus travel almost all of Barcelona, but in Andorra there is only one stop – at the bus station in the capital. The duration of this flight is 4 & # 8212; 4,5 hours, and the cost of the trip & # 8212; 35 & # 8212; 40 euros. When buying a ticket in both directions at once, the rates drop to 60 -69 euros. The golden season of discounts for travel lasts all October – you can go for 28 euros one way and 39 round-trip.
If you want to visit any of the colorful local towns have to make a transfer on the highway platform of Andorra de la Vella. However, buses to different parts of the country depart every half hour. The duration of the trip, for example, to Encamp is 15 minutes, and the cost of domestic flights does not exceed 2.5 euros.
The carrier Novatel rides exclusively from the airport terminals. When choosing these buses you will get to Andorra for an hour faster, the journey time is from 3 to 3.5 hours. This flight stops at every point in Andorra, followed by Girona. It is very convenient for those who travel to one of the Pyrenean resorts.
And not necessarily for the purpose of skiing, because in the small medieval towns of Andorra, besides the trails for skiers, there are also wonderful taverns, in which the richest assortment of mulled wine and grogs in Europe and the best thermal springs in Europe. The cost of the trip from 40 to 49 euros in one direction, round-trip ticket will be cheaper – from 58 to 62 euros. Discounts the company provides in October.
There is another carrier – Alsa. These buses go exclusively to the ski season and depart from Plaza Catalunya, then follow the Sants motorway platform. Prices and timetable for flights of this carrier vary every year. On the way, there are a lot of stops, from Barcelona to Andorra by buses this company will have to reach 5 – 5.5 hours.
Tickets can be bought at the ticket offices, terminals and directly from drivers.
The train is an option for an amateur. There is no railway in Andorra. Get from Barcelona to Andorra by yourself by train will have to change. In Barcelona, you will need the Estacio de Franca station. The French station is located in the heart of the city and is one of its masterpieces, by which no tourist has passed.
To get to Estacio de Franca it is simple – the metro line 4 or the city buses under numbers 51 and 39, to the Estacio de Franca stop.
In total, 7 trains depart daily from 6:10 am to 6:30 pm. All trains follow the Barcelona Sants train station, there you can also sit down, but the cost of the trip will be the same. The direction is very in demand, so it’s better to go from the French station.
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The trip will take from 2 to 3.5 hours, and will cost from 22 to 26 euros.
In Puigcerda you will need to change the bus, which will take you to Andorra. There are flights directly from Puigcerda and passing from Barcelona. The cost should be specified on the spot, on average the journey costs 25-28 euros. You can go to Andorra and by taxi, the rates are about 6-7 euro per kilometer and the payment of toll roads in the principality.
In general, the route can be considered inconvenient, but it allows you to see quite a lot of interesting things that will never go into one round, and for money such a trip is quite comparable with the bus.
It is quite possible to get from the airport of Barcelona to Andorra by helicopter. Flights are operated by private carriers, there are no timetables, all information is on the airport information board, in the section of private services.
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By the time the flight takes from 30 to 40 minutes, and its cost is from 370 to 420 euros per flight, the number of passengers and the amount of baggage it does not change.
Overlooking the distance between Barcelona and Andorra is most convenient by car. There are two ways to do this:
Rent a car in Spain can only people who have a driving experience of at least one year and an age of over 21 years.
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The rental price depends on the class of the car and on the period for which it is taken. The minimum cost of one day rental car – 36 euros, and the maximum – 380 euros.
The rental price includes:
Insurance. Atlas of roads in all popular languages, including Russian. Tax collection.
When choosing this mode of transportation to Andorra, one must take into account that most of the way is a very complex streamer, becoming especially dangerous during and after the rain, and in the winter months.
Video: from Barcelona to Andorra by bus.
Taxis are one of the most convenient ways to travel. The cost from the central part of Barcelona to the center of the capital of Andorra is from 260 to 330 euros.
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If you go by taxi, you need to discuss when ordering a car such a nuance as toll roads. It is not possible to avoid paid sections of highways on their way to Andorra. Usually, when the price policy is lower than 300 euros per trip, the road is paid for by the passenger.
Whichever way to get from Barcelona to Andorra was chosen and no matter how much it costs, the trip will pay off with a lot of impressions, and on the way back from Andorra to Barcelona you can always get different and diversify the knowledge and emotions received in the journey.
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