How to get from Barcelona airport to Sitges?
Sitges is one of the most famous sea resorts in Catalonia. A wonderful place, where you can go for a day from Barcelona. It is also easy to get there directly from Barcelona airport – a comfortable bus runs daily on a regular basis. You can also choose a train, but for this you must first go to the center of Barcelona.
On this page you can find information on different ways of transfer from Barcelona airport to the center of Sitges. Options include train, bus and taxi.
Personal transfer between Barcelona airport (BCN) and Sitges.
A personal transfer can be made between Barcelona Airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) and Sitges. By the following link you can order such a transfer.
It is recommended to book a shuttle service before the trip. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order this service in less than 24 hours.
Go to the following link:
Transfer by train from Barcelona airport to Sitges.
There are no direct trains from Barcelona airport to Sitges. Therefore, you will first have to take the RENFE R2 Nord train from the airport and get off at the first stop of El Prat de Llobregat. From here you can take the train to Sitges.
If you arrive at Terminal 1 (T1), get off at the railway station. the station does not work, because it is located 4 kilometers from terminal 1. We’ll have to take a shuttle near the terminal.
To clarify the timetable for this train, you need to go to the suburban train section on the RENFE – Cercanias website.
Intercity bus.
Direct buses run from Barcelona airport to Sitges. The Mon-Bus leaves the terminal 1 (T1).
When you arrive at T2, you will have to board a free shuttle that goes from T2 to T1. Once in T1, you can take the bus to Sitges.
The MonBus bus runs once an hour from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, the bus runs every two hours. On Sundays and public holidays – four times a day. Check out the timetable and ticket prices on the MonBus website. Go to the & quot; Schedule & quot; (& quot; Timetable Searcher & quot;) and write & quot; Aeroport & quot; to & quot; Sitges & quot ;. The schedule will be shown either for Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday or for night time.
The bus MonBus calls into zone 3 of the transport system of Barcelona. Therefore, it is better to buy a ticket T10, covering zones 1 – 3 (� 27.40). It is a ticket for 10 trips between zones 1 and 3 by bus or subway. A useful thing if you plan multiple trips between Sitges and Barcelona, or if you spend a lot of time in Barcelona. With a T10 ticket, each trip will be cheaper than buying individual tickets.
The distance from Barcelona airport to Sitges is approximately 32 kilometers. By taxi, this route can be overcome in about 30 minutes, and it will cost around � 50.00.
Sitges can become the final point of travel. Or it can become one of the items in the extensive tourist program. If you plan to travel around the area, think about renting a car – if only because the winding road from Barcelona along the coast is very beautiful. But for reasons of economy, it is better to go by bus from the airport of Barcelona. It is inexpensive and walks regularly.
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