How to get a visa to Australia.
General information about the tourist visa to Australia.
Visa fee – 140 Australian dollars.
What is the validity of the visa?
The validity of the visa is 3, 6 or 12 months.
Max. duration of stay.
The length of stay varies and depends on the decision of the consulate.
How long does the issue take?
The term for consideration of the application is 4 weeks.
How many times can I enter the country on this visa?
Usually issued a single entry visa.
Validity of the passport.
The passport must be valid at the time of the proposed visit to Australia.
Documents for a visa to Australia.
To obtain a tourist visa for Australia, you need the following documents:
To obtain a tourist visa for Australia, you need the following documents: An application for a tourist visa in English. Resume (CV) on a special form with the history of work and study from 18 years old, in English. Confirmation of the availability of funds in the form of a bank statement. Cash and credit cards are no confirmation. Confirmation of the source of income: a certificate from the employer indicating the period of employment, position and salary, as well as the duration of paid leave; documents of ownership; for business owners: documents confirming the company’s registration, its activities and profits. For students and students: a letter from the school or university with confirmation of the student’s status and the approved absence period. For applicants under 18 (including dependent applicants): a notarized copy of the birth certificate, a notarized written permission to travel to Australia from a parent who does not travel with the child, as well as a page with the personal data of the parent’s passport or a copy of another identity document. If you turned 75, you need to provide health insurance for the entire period of your planned stay in Australia. If you visit a relative or friend: a copy of the passport / driving license of the inviter; if a friend or relative pays for your trip and stay, you need a signed statement from the inviter with a clarification of the degree of financial support, as well as proof of his income (salary receipt or bank statement).
For all personal documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate) not in English, a certified translation must be provided, copies must be made by an accredited translator. Copies of other documents (certificates from work or study, bank statements, certificates of ownership) must also be translated into English, notarization is not required.
The Department of Immigration of Australia does not recommend booking flights and accommodation until a positive decision on the visa application is received.
Registration of a visa to Australia.
Application for a tourist visa to Australia (a guest visa, a subclass of 600) Russian citizens can apply online. To do this you need:
The timing of visa applications may vary, the Australian Embassy in Russia recommends that you submit applications no later than 6 weeks before the proposed trip.
On the visa portal there is an opportunity to track the course of consideration of the visa application.
Visa centers, embassies and consulates of Australia.
The Australian Embassy in Moscow, the Department of Visas and Immigration.
Moscow, Podkolokolny pereulok, 10A / 2, 109028.
+7 495 660 45 11.
Contact with the Department of Visas and Immigration & # 8212; through the form.
Documents are accepted by appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9:00 to 11:00. An appointment with the European Service Center.
Consulate of Australia in St. Petersburg.
St. Petersburg, Petrovsky prospect, 14, p. 22-H 197110.
+7 812 325 73 34.
Consulate of Australia in Vladivostok.
Vladivostok, Prospect Red Banner, 3, cab. 610, 690106.
+7 4232 44 67 82.
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