How to get a residence permit (residence permit) in Spain?
The residence of Spain attracts many foreigners, as in this country there are all conditions for a wonderful holiday, interesting work and quality education of children.
The residence permit in Spain allows you to stay in the territory of this sunny country 365 days a year and freely visit other European countries that are members of the Schengen agreement. Due to the resident card in the future you can apply for the citizenship of Spain through the purchase of real estate.
The residence permit for Spain is temporary and permanent. As a rule, permanent citizenship is obtained by foreign citizens who have extended the temporary residence permit several times already. A temporary residence permit can be obtained: without the right to receive income, for contract work and without a contract, for research workers, for highly qualified specialists, for family members of EU citizens, etc.
Who can apply for the residence permit of Spain?
The authorities of Spain are interested in attracting investments in the country’s economy. And to stimulate the purchase of real estate by foreigners (as a type of investment), they simplified the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Spain for foreign property owners in Spain. Of course, some other requirements are made to them, in particular, documentary evidence of the size and stability of income.
In addition, the state will be pleased to provide residence permits to individual entrepreneurs and businessmen who will create jobs for the citizens of the country, highly qualified specialists and scientists. Due to the simplified procedure for obtaining residence permit, foreigners can stay in the country any number of days in a year.
How difficult is the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Spain?
For registration of residence permit in Spain it is necessary to collect and submit to the consulate a package of documents in Spanish.
To do this quickly and correctly, you can contact the real estate agency & la Barcelona Comfort & raquo ;. We will advise you on any matter related to the collection of certificates, contracts, statements and declarations, we translate and legalize all documents.
With a positive decision to grant you a residence permit in Spain, you will be credited with a resident visa of type D on your passport, through which you can enter Spain and then receive a resident card here.
Since our agency is located directly in Spain, upon your arrival we together with you safely complete the procedure for obtaining residence permit.
How to obtain a residence permit in Spain in a simplified procedure?
In simplified order, the residence permit of Spain can be received by investors, in particular, under the law 14/2013, these are buyers of housing worth 500 thousand euros or more.
Thus, a buyer of elite housing or several apartments with a total value exceeding 500,000 euros can get a residence permit from Spain with less time and effort. Residence permit for the purchase of real estate in Spain entitles you to stay in the country for 2 years with the possibility of further extension, without limiting the minimum period of stay.
In the catalog on our website you can choose as an elite real estate on the sea coast, worth more than 500 000 euros, and economical options for investment. We will help not only formalize the purchase and sale of the object you are interested in, but we will take full responsibility for the design of the residence permit.
We draw your attention: our agency assists in obtaining residence permit in Spain, regardless of whether you bought a property for 50 000 euros or for 500 000 euros.
There are several options for visas and residence permit, such as:
Residence permit without the right to work – & laquo; white & raquo; residence; The residence permit with the right to work under a contract is a working residence; Residence permit with the right to work without a contract is a business residence.
When registering each of the residences, the applicant is presented with a certain set of requirements.
So for example, when decorating & laquo; white & raquo; residence basic requirement & ndash; this is a stable income.
When registering a working residence & ndash; this is an application from the employer to confirm that the place you are offering is vacant and that it is not claimed by the native Spaniards.
And the registration of a business residence requires a business plan, funds for living and expenses.
Of course, each of these options has its own subtleties and nuances, we will help you choose and design the most suitable type of residence permit for you in Spain.
For more information and advice on obtaining a residence permit for Spain, write to [email protected] or call +34 693 393 075.
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