Last time we dealt with the documents that you need for a wedding in Italy. If you are not frightened by bureaucratic zamorochki and you still married an Italian citizen, the next step is to get a residence permit in this country.
There are, of course, many other ways, how to obtain a residence permit in Italy, not related to marriage. The most common of them are:
opening of own business on the territory of the country; work for hire for a long period or seasonal work; education or internship; buying property in Italy.
In all the cases listed above, you will have to prove your worth. You must not only have sufficient income to live in the country before the expiration of your residence permit, but also to demonstrate that you have where to live. In addition, such a residence permit is paid. There are still options for immigration to Italy, such as obtaining refugee status or choosing a place of residence. But this is a completely different story.
As you already understood, for me the design of this important document was justified by a marriage with an Italian. Therefore, further I will describe the procedure for obtaining a residence permit for family reasons.
What documents are needed?
The residence permit in Italy is called permesso di soggiorno or carta di soggiorno. What is their difference, I myself did not fully understand. In fact, permesso di soggiorno is issued for a shorter period, followed by the carta di soggiorno, which possesses & ldquo; tempo indeterminato & rdquo; (ie unlimited). I was immediately given a & laquo; map & raquo; (I think it’s the wives of Italian citizens who get it). She looks like this.
Here it is written that I will need to update the carta di soggiorno in 5 years from the moment it was received, in 2018.
Documents for a residence permit in Italy need the following:
4 photos (you can make them in special booths that are found in shopping centers or just on the street); photocopies of all pages of the passport; certificate of marriage (certificato di matrimonio); declaration of the income of the spouse (dichiarazione dei redditi); his identity card (�arta d & rsquo; identit & agrave;); certificate from a place of residence in Italy (certificato di residenza); The completed module (it can be taken on the site of Questura); stamp stamp (marca da bollo) at a cost of 16 euros (sold by kiosks, & laquoqueries & raquo; and by mail).
Procedure for obtaining a residence permit.
The residence permit in Italy for Russians, as well as for citizens of other countries, is issued in the state body, which is called Questura. In Turin, there are several offices of Questura, which deal with different matters. You need Ufficio Immigrazione, which is located at Corso Verona, 4. You will have to come here two times & ndash; for the filing of documents and for obtaining residence permit. Do it better early in the morning, tk. queues during the day are formed quite large.
Having stood in line, you will get to one of the employees of the office, who will make sure that all your documents are in order. Then he will issue a certificate confirming that your residence permit is in the process of registration. It will serve as proof that you are not in Italy illegally, even if the visa is overdue.
We were warned that in the next few days the municipal police (vigili urbani) can visit us to check whether we are really married (and not just on paper) and live together. However, no one came and the residence permit in Italy was issued after a couple of weeks. However, I have heard that such checks actually go through and may even be repeated. But, apparently, we were lucky.
Immediately after receiving a residence permit in Italy (or with a certificate that it is prepared for you), you will be able to start processing other documents that you can not do without; & ndash; Carta d & rsquo; identit & agrave; , a kind of passport, and Tessera Sanitaria, with which you can visit medical institutions.