I have a war friend Katia in Montenegro. About her, you can safely say – the horse will stop at a gallop, enter the burning hut. And when it comes to bureaucratic procedures in Montenegro and walking around the authorities, it always defeats this “machine.” In late March, Katerina received permanent residence in Montenegro, here we call it – steel borage. Looks like a plastic card as an annual burr (VNZH), only the phrases others are written and the validity is not 1 year, but for 5 years. That is, he is not so permanent, but five years old. Then you can apply for a 10-year and even citizenship, the only question is whether citizenship will be given to a foreigner. What Caterina managed to do is a rarity, as the laws in Montenegro are constantly complicated, the authorities use different tricks and follow everything clearly according to the rules hard. Therefore, she decided to ask Katya for future emigrants how she had succeeded. I will dilute the text with fresh pictures of spring Montenegro.
Did you believe that you will receive steel borax? You know that very few people get it.
– Yes, from the first day I was 100% sure.
And if they had not given you his year, two, they had been dragging out time, as usual, would you have sued?
– I would take a lawyer.
Explain the future emigrants, what gives you steel borage (PM) in Montenegro? I see only one advantage – not to collect every year of paper & hellip; What else?
– You can apply for a car, this is a big plus.
And what’s the difference, now the car is framed in your company?
– When selling my car, I have to put money into the account of the company, and I can not remove it so easily. Plus, the pieces of paper are superfluous.
You do not have to pay monthly taxes?
– No, I will pay. After all, I want 5 years later to renew the steel boravok (will be 10-year-old next), so taxes need to be paid. Of course, if I do not want to live here anymore, I can not pay taxes, but I still have a card for a 5-year permanent residence.
Well, what other plus is there?
– Simplification of obtaining a Schengen visa. Less collection of papers.
But you can not vote in local elections?
– Yes, there is no right to vote.
Would you like to influence the political situation in the country?
– I do not think that the elections in Montenegro solve anything.
Do you think you will ever get the citizenship of Montenegro?
– I do not know .. I heard about such people, but they obviously received money for the money, but Montenegro does not have dual citizenship. And why should I Montenegrin, when the Russian is better? Except how to travel to Europe without a visa, do not see the advantages of their citizenship?
You do not mind paying the 6th year of taxes to another country’s state, realizing that you are unlikely to receive their pension?
– It’s not a pension, it’s a medical insurance. And I repeatedly used it. And my family had medical insurance (some taxes go to cover it). Otherwise I saw big b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b Therefore, I do not mind paying taxes to Montenegro, besides, we are now decorated on & frac14; the minimum wage, and this is not big money (35 euros per month).
Whether there is a difference – at you the firm or you the hired worker. For example, I have less chance to get steel borax than you, because I’m working for you at the firm as an employee, and you are the director in it?
– The directors are more loyal. May not interrupt the annual residence permit, as is currently done between 3 and 4 borrows.
And now let’s analyze the points, What should I do to get permanent residence in Montenegro?
– 1. You must pay taxes on a monthly basis.
– 2. I think the knowledge of the local language plays a role. When you come to the MUP to take documents, if you can not connect two words, then you always send some documents to completion. Although these foreigners can live here for a long time, but the inability to explain themselves to the Montenegrins, to prove their rightness or to find out what they want from them plays a big role.
– 3. Pass documents on time so that there are no interruptions. They must be taken 30 days before the end of the previous battle. To have a time reserve, if suddenly a new piece of paper is needed for new requirements.
4. Do not swear at the MUP. I’m a regular guest there, I often see scandals, as they talk in high tones, but in Montenegro things are not done that way. Need & ldquo; heartily & rdquo ;, with a smile.
What do you think, why do not give permanent residence to property owners. Annual residence permit to give on this basis started, but without the right to health insurance (because taxes are not paid) and without the right to steel borax.
– The foreigner can sell the property. Plus there is no interconnected base, in MUPe will not be aware that you are no longer the owner of housing.
But you, too, can close the company or quit, do not pay more taxes. Why do you, a foreign worker, give 5-year-old borax, and the buyer of real estate, which invests a lot of money, is not & hellip; And he also pays taxes annually for it. Strange somehow.
If a Russian girl married a Montenegrin woman, gives birth to his children, helps her to get this fact from permanent residence in Montenegro?
– Looking for a Montenegrin & hellip; Influential or not, with ties in the MUPe or not (laughing). I saw our girl when filing documents, she is married to a Montenegrin woman. She was refused an extension from 3 to 4 years, was told to go abroad and interrupt, then again to submit documents from scratch. And the next day I saw how the Montenegrin handed documents for his wife, and everything was fine.
What is the deadline for consideration of documents for permanent residence?
– From six months. By law, you must live here full 5 years, having continuous 5 borrows on the same basis (family reunion, one and the same job). And when I applied for the 6th boravok documents, only then was 5 years of residence, because in those years they reduced the validity of residence permit. As a result, it took 3 months for the difference. And now give a day in a day, the terms do not reduce. When the 5th is over, even having submitted to the steel one, you will wait six months, and it is not a fact that he will be ready in time.
I know people who wait for a year and a half or two, why they are not given, and you were given a steel one?
“Depends on when they handed over the documents.” If before April 1, 2015, when a new law on aliens was issued, the documents may be lost, they may not have been before the common base, everything was entered manually. Every time our mutual friend comes to Podgorica and is told that there is no one or another piece of paper, but he is waiting for a decision for a long time. And after April 1, 2015, they introduced a common base, and everything clearly works. I arrived in Podgorica, she scanned the waiting list, immediately found the documents on the table. And next week in Budva I received a card.
That is, you got it on time?
– Yes. But I thought that I would have to fight with them. I was shocked that in time and without showdown.
On this our communication over a cup of coffee and a pirozhenkom by the sea came to an end. Katya is usually a secretive person, so I express my gratitude for frankness. Well, who cares what she does in Montenegro, then it’s no secret. It will help you organize a vacation in Montenegro –
I note from myself that in the last couple of years in Montenegrin MUPs they are trying to make an interruption after the 3rd Borovka, so that we do not claim massively for permanent residence, there is allegedly a decree from above from Podgorica. Of course, all this can be bypassed if you find connections or pay someone. But we must understand our rights, there is no law on interruption. As well as the invented quotas for jobs for foreigners, too, do the party, no one in Podgorica calls the authorities and does not ask “Oh, can I give the Serbian kuma Vasya an annual, not seasonal borage, or the quotas are over?” And so on. All this, too, “filkin literacy.” We must understand that Montenegro is the Balkans, everything is possible, having its own people in the right instance, this is not the EU with strict laws.
This is a young country in which legislation is only being formed and constantly changing, so it is difficult for us, emigrants, to talk about tomorrow. I mean the pension, the citizenship and our rights. As I said earlier, I will repeat it now, having 5 years of experience here – Montenegro is good for rest and enjoying nature, ecology, the sea. It is good if you have money to spend with pleasure :))) And it is not suitable for earning a lot of money or moving for the sake of changing citizenship in a stable country. It’s not about her.