How to find a legal job in the Czech Republic for Russians and Ukrainians.
Moving to another country involves solving several important issues: finding a home, setting up a job and preparing the necessary documents. The topic of today’s article is work in the Czech Republic. What professions are in demand in 2018, where to look for vacancies and how dangerous illegal employment is.
Why the Czech Republic is attractive.
Linguistic similarity. To obtain an interesting and highly paid position, knowledge of the Czech language is necessary. Memorizing words and constructions is simpler, so it takes a little time. Geographical position. A few want to go overseas. In Russia there are relatives and friends with whom you want to see more often. Many are afraid to fly by plane, and to the Czech Republic you can comfortably get by train or by car. Culture. Czechia is close to Russia not only in language, but also in traditions, behavior, basic values. People who have arrived for a long time will not have to adapt to an absolutely alien lifestyle.
Popular cities.
Looking for work is best in large cities, tourist and industrial centers.
Most vacancies in Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic daily publishes hundreds of ads and work. On the second place is Brno. It houses heavy engineering enterprises. Agricultural machinery, turbines, machine tools are produced. There are enterprises for wood processing and furniture production. Karlovy Vary. A well-known city-resort in the whole world. Health centers and hotels are concentrated. Every year, there are more tourists, employees are required to work positions: maids, cooks and helpers in the kitchen, as well as masseurs, LFK instructors, etc.
What vacancies are in the Czech Republic, where to look.
Medical workers: doctors, nurses. During the crisis, local cadres left for neighboring Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2018 the situation has not changed and the republic still needs doctors. Specialists in the field of computer technology. Administrative positions: office managers, secretaries, assistant managers. Mechanics, locksmiths. Handymen for construction sites. In Prague and the areas closest to it, large-scale construction projects are under way.
Popular resources. – Russian-language Czech newspaper. It is oriented towards Russians and Ukrainians. Publishes ads on hiring handymen, nannies, restaurant workers. Advertisements are short, the name of the company is often not specified, ads of questionable content come across. & # 8212; Czech section of the international site for job search. The requirements are described in detail, the company’s coordinates are given, you can respond to an interested vacancy while in Russia. – a site for job search in the Czech Republic. There is an exhaustive information about the employer, vacancy and requirements. Minus – all data in the Czech language.
After the crisis, the economy stabilized, but the level of payment in 2018 is still lower than 6-7 years ago. The average salary in the Czech Republic is 800 – 900 euros per month. In Prague, wages are higher, but housing prices and products are high. In regions, wages are lower than in the capital, rent is cheaper.
Without knowledge of the Czech language, it is difficult to find a highly paid job. But if a foreigner owns at least a basic Czech, and a little English or German, the chances of obtaining a favorable offer increase by 30-40%.
Nostrification of the diploma.
Highly paid work in the Czech Republic implies a procedure for confirming the education received. The forensic translator translates the diploma and sends it to the relevant Czech university. There they compare objects and the number of hours. It takes 1-2 months.
The Czech Republic has signed an agreement on accredited programs with some CIS countries. Thanks to this, the process is completed in 90% of cases for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians.
Legalization of work in the Czech Republic.
At official employment the worker receives the guaranteed salary, the medical insurance and the preferences stipulated in the employment contract. It comes into force after signing by both parties.
Legal work involves paying taxes, insurance and social contributions.
The dangers of illegal work.
Insecurity in front of an unscrupulous employer. If you came without a work permit, you are considered an “illegal” person. Such an employee can be fired one day and he will not receive any help from the state. And the most important thing is & # 8212; in the case of verification and detection of illegal immigrants. such employees are subject to deportation with the imposition of a fine and blacklisting with a ban on entry into the EU for several years.
How to get a work permit.
Work permit in the Czech Republic. You can first come to the Czech Republic on a tourist visa, find an employer and pass an interview. The employer will apply to the Ministry of Labor for permission to accept a foreign worker. After receiving it, a work visa is issued, now called a “work card”.
Another option is to apply for a blue EU card, which is issued only for highly qualified specialists.
It is also possible to issue a Schengen (short-term) visa for employment or other income-generating activities.
The work permit is not required for citizens of the European Union.
Registration of a work visa to the Czech Republic.
A work visa is issued on the basis of documents provided by the employer. The signed contract or the obligation to sign it confirm that you are provided with a workplace. The authorities of the republic carefully monitor that each position is first offered to a citizen of the country and only then to foreign citizens.
Business in the Czech Republic.
A troublesome and financially expensive business. Requires the following items:
Open a legal entity. Start a bank account. Pay taxes and other deductions. The person who receives the business visa has no right to seek another job, other than running his own business.
But in the video blogs devoted to this topic, it is noted that Russian immigrants often organize business as intermediaries, primarily for Russian immigrants.