How to enter the UK.
Immigration laws of the UK are changing in the direction of tightening. The influx of emigrants does not please ordinary people or the state. Therefore, emigration to the UK is becoming increasingly difficult every year. Those who want to leave do not stop this – the country is too good.
With what to begin.
Immigration to England is conditionally divided into two stages.
At the first stage we get a visa that will enable us to reside in Britain as a temporary resident.
Such visas are also called immigration. They differ from ordinary guests in that the time spent in the country is included in the foreigner’s experience for obtaining permanent residence. Resident visas are issued in Russia, at the Consular Section of the Embassy of the United Kingdom.
At the second stage, already in the UK, having lived a certain period, we get the opportunity to claim the status of permanent resident. And only one year after you get a permanent residence permit in the UK, you can become its citizen.
Reasons for residence permit.
The resident’s visa is issued for five years. Just so long a foreigner in the country must live to be eligible for a permanent residence permit. During this time, you should not leave the country for more than two years, otherwise the residence permit can be withdrawn.
Who can apply for a long-term visa:
investors; skilled workers; close relatives of citizens of the Kingdom; spouses of citizens of the Kingdom.
Business immigrants.
Immigration to the UK for investors is the simplest procedure. Having invested a million pounds in the economy of the Kingdom, in five years you get permanent residence. For investors, the requirements for knowledge of the language are reduced.
In addition, to find out if you have a ban on leaving, will help a proven and high-quality service of our partners, which will provide you with information on the existence of debts for loans, fines, maintenance, utilities and others, as well as assess the likelihood of banning flights abroad.
Less money will be needed for active businessmen.
You need to invest 200 thousand pounds in your company. The firm should function, pay taxes and employ at least two local residents.
The businessman’s visa is given for two years. Then the businessman will have to prove the effectiveness of his business and extend the visa for another three years.
Work Visa.
Emigration to England on a work visa is possible if you have a demanded profession. But you need to find an employer. The difficulty is that not all employers have the right to employ foreigners, mostly large companies can do it.
To give a vacancy to you, the employer must first offer it to UK citizens, and if you do not want to work, you will be allowed to work. You should try very hard to extend the labor contract in the same company for five years. You can not change jobs without leaving the country.
Often employers with suitable vacancies require that applicants already have the right to work. Therefore, citizens of the EU have an advantage.
It is much easier to seek work in Britain for students. They have the right to earn extra money during their studies and vacations, however, not more than 20 hours a week. Instead of washing dishes in restaurants, it is desirable for such students to look for a future employer.
Previously, it was possible to look for work after graduation, there was a special visa for two years. But now it was canceled. The option is very good for those who have the means to study and live in the UK.
A special case of a work visa is a visa for scientists and artists. Your authority in your field must be confirmed by academic degrees, publications in the media, and so on. But, having received such a visa, you will have to earn a living in the Kingdom exclusively by science or art.
Family reunification.
Marrying an Englishman is the way most of our compatriots use to leave for England.
The bride’s visa is given for six months, during which time it is necessary to marry and obtain a residence permit as a member of the family.
In family matters, the immigration policy of the country is very loyal. The right to reunification is not only official, but also civil spouses, their children. Having arrived as the spouse of the main applicant, you get the right to work.
In addition, UK immigration law provides support for people who survived domestic violence. If you do not yet have a residence permit, your spouse can exert moral and physical pressure on you, threatening to deport you. So, for such victims of family violence, it is possible to get away from a bad spouse, get state support, and apply for permanent residence in England, without waiting for a five-year period of residence.
How to get permanent residence.
The very fact of your residence in the country will not give you the right to automatically become its permanent resident. You will definitely need to prove your level of adaptation: pass an exam for knowledge of life in the UK, demonstrate proficiency in English.
Also you need to confirm the necessary level of income and lack of problems with the law.
Bonuses for tourists and property owners.
If you have spent a total of 10 years in a non-immigrant visa for a country, you can also apply for permanent residence. Owners of real estate, students, as well as employees of international companies that have opened their representative office in the UK, have such an opportunity.