How to emigrate to the US from Russia?
How to emigrate to the US from Russia? This issue worries many Russians who want to move to the most developed country in the world. However, emigration to the US is by no means the simplest thing & mdash; What is required for this? And can such an emigrant eventually become a US citizen?
How to emigrate to the US legally?
USA & mdash; an extremely attractive country for emigrants. Almost in all respects, this superpower is ahead of other states, so it is quite natural that hundreds of thousands of people every year are rushing to America, in any way to stay there. However, unlike the distant past, when exactly emigrants from Europe created the American nation, now the US authorities are not too happy to accept new residents. Nevertheless, there are several legal ways to stay there for permanent residence, and in the future & mdash; together with all the rights.
Such ways are:
marriage; family reunification; legal employment; drawing on the green card system; business migration; refugee status.
And now we will analyze each of these methods in more detail.
Family emigration.
The easiest way to legally become an American is & mdash; it is to marry an American citizen or at least have a long relationship. In this case, the bride or groom from Russia can get a visa that gives the right to enter the US.
For a visa, you need to provide proof of the seriousness of the relationship (joint photos, bills from hotels where the couple rested together, etc.). In this case, the relationship, communication in which passes entirely through the Internet or other remote means, will not be taken into account. Consequently, an American citizen will have at least a couple of times to come to Russia to meet his future second half there. In addition, the American citizen will need to confirm that his financial condition allows you to keep arriving in the US spouse.
If the US authorities consider that a visa must be issued, the couple is given 90 days to marry. After its registration, the Russian half of the created family will receive a residence permit for a period of 2 years. During this time, migration services will monitor the family and check whether the marriage is fictitious. At the end of this period, the species may be extended, or the question of permanent residence in America may already be raised.
In the same case, if someone already has US citizenship or resident status (that is, a permanent resident), he can apply to the migration service with a request to provide his foreign relatives with a visa for immigration. Visas are provided:
adult children of Americans who are already married, as well as their children under the age of majority (F1 visa); spouses of Americans, as well as their unmarried, but already grown-up children over the age of 21 (F2 visa); spouses and their children under 21 (visa F3); brothers, sisters and nephews of American adults & mdash; a US citizen must be 21 years old at the same time (visa F4).
Work Visa.
In the event that you are a unique specialist in your field, you can try to contact an American employer. If he is interested in working for him, a Russian citizen can open a work visa for up to 2 years.
The candidate will need:
Confirmation of qualifications (diploma, certificate and other documentation, confirming education and work experience). The request of the American side. A Russian is not entitled to apply for such a visa, so an American firm must itself apply to both local labor authorities and the migration service. Knowledge of English, confirmed by testimony. Valid foreign passport of the Russian Federation for departure to the USA. Payment of consular fees.
After the visa expired, a Russian working in the US can either extend it or obtain a residence permit in the United States for other reasons.
The visa for employees is good because it does not limit the Russian in the ability to travel outside the US. If this does not interfere with the work activity and the employer agrees, you can regularly leave for Russia or any other country in the world, and then return to the US for work.
Green Card (it’s a green card, green card, green card) & mdash; it is generally any residence permit received by a non-citizen of the United States, which gives the right to live and work in this country. However, more often than not, they remember her when it comes to a lottery, the winner of which gets a chance to get a green card.
The lottery is conducted as follows:
All interested persons fill out the electronic questionnaire on the special government website of the United States. Applications are accepted only in electronic form and only in English. Diplomatic agencies of the United States do not accept applications. You can apply from the country of which you are a native. The computer selects applicants for a visa according to special rules. Candidates are checked to see if they fit the American requirements, conduct interviews with them in advance. If the candidate meets the migration requirements (in particular, has the property and profession, so as not to be a dependent for the US authorities), he can receive a visa and continue to live legally in America.
However, it should be remembered that the chances of winning are not too great. In addition, there is so much fraud in the lottery that, for any suspicion, the application is excluded from the lottery. Moreover, even a winner can not pass an interview and not get a visa.
Russia has been taking part in the draw since 2010, although it is not too active, since the chances are not high. Officially, the raffle is referred to as the “Diversification lottery”, that is, a lottery designed to increase the diversity of immigrant groups represented in the US. Russians, however, are quite active in arriving in this country in other ways, that’s why not a very large number of visas are played (for example, in 2011 there were only about 2,400 for all of Russia) and there are not many chances to pass an interview & mdash; somewhere around 50/50.
Business Migration in the United States.
A Russian citizen who is actively engaged in business in his homeland and who wants to invest in the US economy can try to get the EB-5 visa provided for investors.
Up to 10 members of the investor’s family can enter this visa. There are practically no requirements for education, language knowledge or age. With this visa, you can apply for a residence permit (green card) after 2 years, and after 5 & mdash; on citizenship. Business can be conducted in any state.
However, the price is also high:
Investments must be made in the amount of not less than 1 million US dollars. Investment is allowed from 500 thousand, but only in special regions where foreign funds are required. You need to create at least 10 jobs for Americans. The funds must be absolutely transparent & raquo ;. The US tax authorities and the migration service scrutinize the sources of money, with the slightest doubt about their legality in the visa will be denied. You need to register in the US and get accredited as an investor.
The right to asylum.
The United States is one of the countries supporting refugees. Accordingly, it is possible to enter Russia as an asylum seeker from Russia. However, for this it will be necessary to provide evidence that the refugee was persecuted in Russia because of race, nationality, political or religious views, etc.
Having received refugee status, in 5 years you can get American citizenship. In addition, the refugee has the right to call close relatives in the United States (spouse, children). A refugee can travel outside the US, but he can not be in the country from which he fled, & mdash; in this case it is considered that there is nothing more threatening him, therefore the refugee status is lost.
How to obtain citizenship?
Sooner or later, almost every resident of the country thinks about obtaining her citizenship. How to do it in the US?
To become an American citizen, a migrant will need:
Legally live in the country for at least 5 years (or at least 3 years in marriage with a person having US citizenship). Have an age of at least 18 years. Find 2 guarantors. Demonstrate a good command of English, knowledge of US history and government structure. Give the oath of allegiance. Under this oath, the migrant renounces any other state and vows to support the US, their constitution and laws against any enemy (if necessary, with weapons in their hands).
In conclusion, it should be noted that the so-called soil principle operates in the USA. It means that children born in the territory of this state (with some exceptions like the children of diplomats of other states) receive citizenship from birth.