How to emigrate from Russia to Costa Rica.
When choosing a country for a tourist trip or moving to a permanent place of residence, it is worth paying attention to Costa Rica. In order to visit the country, there is no need to open a visa, and the government is favorably attuned to visitors and provides jobs without problems.
Emigration to Costa Rica, advantages and disadvantages.
The country is located in Central America, on two sides it is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Despite the fact that some of the cities of Costa Rica are famous for their unfavorable social climate, arms and drugs trade, and most of the central streets look more like a landfill, Russian residents still move there. This is due to the fact that it is not difficult to obtain citizenship in the country, and there is no need for a visa for entry.
If you want to choose a city of residence in Costa Rica, it is a good place for everyone. Enamored couples can have a great rest, while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature and surf of the Caribbean Sea. Those who want to work well can easily find a well-paid job or open their own business. Pensioners are given the opportunity to have a good rest and plunge into youth again.
Emigration programs.
To permanently emigrate to Costa Rica from Russia, residents of our country need to have important documents. The difference in the list of special papers depends on the purpose of crossing the border.
For today, there are four residency permit programs in Costa Rica for such categories of citizens as:
Registration of documents lasts from six months to 1 year, and to accelerate this process is almost impossible, unless a citizen of Costa Rica will send a guarantee or invitation letter.
The program for pensioners is aimed exclusively at rest. The only requirement for relocation is an excellent financial position, there are no other restrictions. This is due to the fact that older people are not provided with work places, moreover, they are banned for activities. Therefore, before giving permission to leave, the authorized bodies have the full right to demand documents on the status of cash accounts, pension payments and personal savings. An important document is a certificate of receipt of a lifetime pension, the positive outcome of the permit depends on its availability.
After obtaining residence permit, this category of citizens must stay in Costa Rica every 4 months annually, and this period can be divided into parts. Let’s say you choose 2 months to rest at the best time of the year.
The minimum amounts that pensioners will need abroad are between 30,000 and 50,000 rubles a month, and about 400-640 thousand rubles a year.
Such money the visiting citizen is obliged to exchange for local currency.
Persons who are legally married to a Costa Rican citizen can very simply obtain residence permit, it is enough to transfer data on the conclusion of an alliance to the State Register of the country, and to start working can be done immediately, without any restrictions. After 3 years the emigrant has the full right to become a resident of the new country, taking into account the fact that the period of stay during these three years can not be more than one day in a year.
Rentier. This program provides for emigration to Costa Rica exclusively for recreation and residence without employment. Suitable for a single person, and a married couple with the presence of children.
To obtain residence permit from citizens, a document is required that proves the necessary level of material security. So, an adult for living will be enough about 50-60 thousand rubles per month, and the child – about 30 thousand rubles. The document is valid for 5 years, and its extension requires an increase in the above amounts for a number of additional years.
Get a residence permit under the program of rentiers can be on the same terms as for pensioners. That is, compulsory stay not less than 4 months a year. After 3 years, a Russian citizen has the full right to claim a place of residence in Costa Rica.
Investors. One of the most popular ways to move to Costa Rica is to purchase real estate, but subject to a cost of over 10 million rubles and a ban on using the facility for personal purposes. This approach of the authorities of a non-resident country is assessed as a contribution to the development of the economy, therefore the advantage in obtaining residence permits after the acquisition of real estate in their country is guaranteed.
There are also contributions to business development, the minimum amount is also 10 million rubles.
To obtain a residence permit, a Russian citizen must reside on the territory of a non-resident country for at least 183 days a year, and the division of this period into parts is not allowed. After three years of residence you can make a residence permit.
Required documents for obtaining this permission:
a certificate of investor solvency with a description of the financial aspects of the project; project for an appropriate amount with a detailed description of the pros, cons and benefits of the state; document that confirms the availability of the required amount of money.
Step-by-step instruction on emigration to Costa Rica.
Before proceeding to the immediate registration of a residence permit in Costa Rica, it is necessary to prepare the documents:
Passport (copies of pages with personal data of a citizen). Birth certificate. A document confirming the absence of a criminal record. Document on the registration at the Consulate of a non-resident country. A document from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia with an extract stating that the applicant’s imprints had been entered into an electronic database. Application for a temporary residence permit with a detailed statement of the reason for the move and the planned type of work. Receipts for payment of fees, state and tax; Three photos.
In addition to the standard list, the authorized body may require additional documents based on the purpose of the trip.
Copies of documents must be translated into Spanish and notarized, otherwise their acceptance will be refused.
When emigrating from Russia to Costa Rica, a non-resident must have a residence permit, after a period of three years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.
The first steps after emigration.
Costa Rica is a country that is quite controversial in its manifestation, in some parts there are absolutely unsightly conditions for life, and at the same time a high level of free medicine, especially for pregnant women and children. Indescribable beauty of individual cities can be replaced by a low social climate quite sharply. Therefore, before deciding on emigration, it is necessary to think through everything thoroughly.
Upon arrival in a foreign country, it is important to protect yourself socially and medically, that is, to take out the necessary types of insurance in the very near future.
Then you can start looking for permanent housing and employment.
In order to understand the country, it is necessary to undergo an adaptation, namely to get acquainted with the culture, traditions and interests of the local population. If you do not accept the conditions, you risk living in disharmony and feel “not at ease.”