How to confirm the residence permit in the Russian Federation.
A residence permit is the status of a foreign citizen, indicating his intention to reside on the territory of the Russian Federation. Residence permits can be obtained not only by immigrants, but also by refugees. This document allows you not only to live legally in Russia, but also to cross its borders.
What it is.
Obtaining a residence permit is preceded by obtaining a confirmation of residence in the Russian Federation. This document is mandatory for all persons who are citizens of other states. The period of validity of the document is one year. In case of untimely extension, a penalty is provided – fine or cancellation of the document.
Documents for filing.
Since the confirmation of the residence permit must be received annually, a citizen of another state should monitor the changes in Russian legislation in order to track all the changes concerning this procedure.
In addition, you need to provide a package of documents, including:
copy of the main document confirming the identity (passport); a certificate of official income; immigration registration; the form of the notification of the confirmation of the residence permit; documents for the child (s).
You should carefully fill in the notification form – errors and inconsistencies are likely to cause a negative response from the relevant authorities. The filled out application, supplemented with the information from the list, can be handed to the organs of the Main Administration of the Interior Ministry by hand or sent by mail.
The form for notification of a residence permit can be downloaded here.
Confirmation of a residence permit in the Russian Federation.
Confirmation of a residence permit in the Russian Federation is an intermediate step before obtaining a residence permit. If a representative of another state wishes to obtain a residence permit without complications, he must strictly follow the Russian legislation and not violate the terms of submission and receipt of documents.
Registration in place for seven days.
All foreigners staying on the territory of the Russian Federation must receive registration at the place of stay / residence for 7 days. Untimely received immigration registration entails sanctions.
If a citizen receives a refusal at the first application for registration, a secondary appeal is allowed after 12 months. The countdown is from the date of submission of the appeal.
Proof of income.
In order for a foreign citizen to receive a positive response to an application for a residence permit, he must have a legal income corresponding to the amount of the established subsistence minimum. This requirement is mandatory.
Satisfactory income is considered to be not lower than the subsistence minimum. This is a guarantee of a person’s solvency and lack of the need to provide him with state financial support.
The amount of the subsistence level in Russia depends on the region of residence.
The size of the subsistence minimum of an able-bodied citizen is higher than the subsistence minimum of minors and pensioners. This fact must necessarily be taken into account.
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Notification of residence permit for a child.
Children born in the territory of the Russian Federation are also required to obtain a residence permit. For this, a parent or guardian must have a residence permit. To implement the procedure, the parent must make an appeal to the regional department of the FMS.
The child can get a residence permit together with the parent or separately. Depending on the variant, a different package of necessary documents is formed.
A package of documents for obtaining a residence permit for a child:
If the document is issued in a foreign language, it must necessarily be translated into Russian. Translation is carried out by a state translator, and the authenticity of his signature is certified by a notary.
The application form for the issuance of a child residence permit, as well as a sample of its completion, can be downloaded here.
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Filling in the application for registration.
The application form for registration is filled in accordance with certain requirements.
You can apply for a residence permit in two ways:
personally to the territorial department of the FMS; send to the territorial department of the FMS by mail.
In the second case, the sender, in return for the package of documents, must receive a tear-off part of the form, with a note of the employee of the mail about the receipt and dispatch. The package is sent on the second business day after registration.
As mentioned above, it is important to fill out the notification form correctly. The language of completion is Russian, if necessary, the use of Latin letters is allowed. Not allowed – typos, strikethroughs, corrections, abbreviations, abbreviations, skip count and sections.
To the most completed form, you must attach a certified copy of your passport.
If, at the time of filing the application, the applicant has stayed beyond the borders of the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 6 months, he will be refused access to the residence permit, and the document will be obligatory annulled.
Download the sample at this link.
Fictitious registration.
Fictitious registration means a document obtained on the basis of submission of knowingly false information or inaccurate information. If evidence is found that immigration registration is fictitious, the offender is liable to a fine of 100,000 rubles. up to 500 000 rubles.
Obtaining a confirmation for residence permit on fictitious registration threatens with huge fines and criminal liability.
Citizens of another state who came to Russia for permanent residence are required to confirm a residence permit. So they come from year to year, notifying the local office, which confirms their residence in the Russian Federation. The form of the current application form can be viewed on the FMS website.
According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, persons violating the rules of entry into the territory of the country or the residence regime are administrative offenders. In particular, we are talking about foreign citizens or stateless persons who did not timely confirm their stay on the territory of Russia.
An administrative penalty means a fine of about 2 to 5 thousand rubles. Similarly, an administrative court may decide to expel a person outside the Russian Federation.
The number of approved confirmations for residence permit is normalized by the government of the Russian Federation. The need to limit the number of registrations is justified by a large number of people wishing to obtain it.
Since this year, everyone wishing to stay in Russia for an extended period is assessed on a special ball system. And already based on the results of the assessment, the applicant is given a verdict.
The portrait of the person who is guaranteed to receive residence permits has already been drawn up:
able-bodied person between the ages of 21 and 45; confirmed possession of the state language; Received in one of the universities of Russia; presence of close relatives who have Russian citizenship.
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Obtaining a residence permit in Russia is a formality that requires strict adherence. But the procedure itself does not entail special difficulties, and the timing of its duplication is quite large.
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