How to buy a property in the Czech Republic and obtain a residence permit.
Many people want to get permission to live and work legally in Europe. In this article we will consider whether it is possible to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic when buying real estate, and briefly talk about other ways of obtaining a residence permit in this country. After all, to have your own home in this country & # 8211; the dream of many of our compatriots.
Ways to obtain the residence permit of the Czech Republic.
Regardless of the reasons for applying for this document, the first step will be to issue a visa that allows you to stay in the country for a long time. Get a residence permit here can in fact be the three most common in Europe, the grounds: work, study and family. We will discuss this in more detail below, first a visa.
Registration of a long-term visa and what it gives.
The national visa (the same type D) allows you to stay in the country for up to six months per year (180 days), but the number of entries and departures is not limited. Also on it you can study, work and receive medical care, another plus of it, is a visit to the Schengen countries for up to 90 days.
Documents for the visa:
Statement. It must be filled in legibly and only in printed Latin letters; International passport. The term of its validity must exceed a year, with the counting being carried out from the moment of the filing of documents to you; Photo. It is necessary to provide two pieces, at the same time they must comply with the European standards for a visa photo; Certificate of good conduct. This document is doubly important for those who receive this visa for the subsequent registration of residence permit; Location. You must provide proof that you have a legal residence in this country; Confirmation of grounds. In addition to their own desire to move with one goal or another, this very goal will have to be documented.
All documents (except the questionnaire) will need to provide photocopies, as well as notarized translations. Then, with a visa, you can go to the country for further action.
Acquisition of real estate on what to pay attention.
The options for owning real estate in the Czech Republic are only two:
It is not worth hoping that an alien will be accepted into a cooperative for joint ownership of real estate, which means that only a private option remains. To buy a house or apartment in this country there are several options:
to issue a visa C and to choose accommodation independently; contact a special company and arrange documents remotely.
However, if you seriously intend to buy property in the Czech Republic, it is better to apply to the services of a lawyer or a lawyer and deal with this issue yourself. Well, firstly, so that you do not get disappointed that the real picture is different from the photos presented, and secondly, not to become a victim of fraud.
Conclusion of the transaction and execution of the contract of purchase and sale, as well as its certification by the notary; Submission of applications from both parties for the transfer of ownership; Registration in the state Cadastre (only when your apartment or house passes this registration, you will become their full owner).
On average, a full-fledged acquisition takes about two and a half months.
Attention! The contract of sale must be issued only in the state language (that is, in Czech) and on no other, be attentive in this matter.
Reasons for applying for residence permit.
Some countries provide an opportunity to obtain residence permit based on the acquisition of real estate, the Czech Republic refused this. You can obtain a residence permit in this country in three cases:
conducting business, entrepreneurial activity or official employment; higher education; on the basis of legal marriage or family reunification.
Although the availability of own property does not give grounds for the issuance of residence permit, its availability will have a significant impact on its receipt for other reasons.
Based on work or business.
When choosing this item as the basis for residence permit, it is worth paying attention to the very sphere of activity. Since all prospective niches have long been developed and are busy, then to make a business successful and have income, it is worth seriously thinking about exactly how it should be. After all, if your business is not wealthy, you risk not only the ruin, but also the cancellation of the permit obtained on this basis.
As for getting a job in the country, this option is very complicated. As indicated above, all the demanded areas in the Czech Republic are very developed and do not experience a shortage of staff, except that the registration of all documents falls on the employer and for simple areas of work it is much easier for them to hire a local employee. So to take advantage of this can mainly high-level specialists in the areas in demand in the country.
Attention! After you have become a happy owner of a document on your enrollment in one of the higher educational institutions in the Czech Republic, you can apply for a long-term visa for the entire duration of the training. This visa, this is a kind of analogue of the residence permit.
Residence permit for marriage.
Earlier, at the time of signing a legal marriage with a Czech, a foreign citizen immediately received permanent residence, but at the moment, in order to avoid fictitious marriages, the authorities of the country allow only residence permits on this basis. To be married to a citizen of this state in the future to obtain permission for permanent residence, you will have to confirm its authenticity and live in it for at least two years.
Documents required for filing.
Standard package for any of the bases of filing:
The questionnaire, which must be filled only in printed Latin letters and as legible as possible;
valid for a certain period of time; photographs, two pieces, the requirements for them do not differ from the point about the visa; a document confirming that the applicant was never tried; confirmation of the lawful place of residence, the availability of own housing will positively affect the decision; an extract from the bank about the presence on the balance of your account of a sufficient amount of finance for residence in the country; A document confirming the grounds for issuing a residence permit to you.
Attention! All documents must be provided in English or have translations with notarization.
Benefits, which gives residence permit.
So, you have successfully passed all the stages of processing documents and moved to the Czech Republic on legal grounds. What rights do you get when you have a residence permit?
live in the country for an unlimited period of time without the need to leave and cross the border; to study in any, at your choice, higher education institution; buy a car, as well as get the rights of the European format; purchase any property in the property; the ability to take advantage of a loan or mortgage in a European bank with a favorable interest rate (thus the dream of having a beautiful home or a profitable business with your own production becomes much more real).
Another pleasant bonus is the permission to visit all EU countries without issuing an additional visa. The maximum period of validity of a residence permit is up to five years, but its annual extension will be required, otherwise it can be annulled.
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