How to apply for a visa in Niue?
A visa is necessary in Niue for Russians, but it is already open on the territory of the island after arriving there. The state of Niue is located on the island of the same name in the Pacific Ocean, near New Zealand, in the heart of Polynesia. There are just over 1,500 people living here. At the end of the last century Niue announced the renunciation of an independent status and adopted the status of a self-governing state within New Zealand. Niue owns a representative office in the Russian Federation, the Russian diplomatic mission on the island is also not represented. All issues are resolved through the New Zealand Embassy.
Features of entry How to open a visa Travel with children.
Features of entry.
Visit Niue only through the sea or air harbors of New Zealand. That’s why the traveler needs to get a transit New Zealand visa beforehand. A single permit will not work, meaning a return flight. Only two entry permits must be requested.
How to open a visa.
Arriving in an island state, a tourist must present the following documents to the checkpoint officer:
active overseas passport, which will last at least three months after leaving home; hotel reservation. A fax option is available, an Internet printout; instead of armor, you can have an invitation letter about an island resident or a travel company operating here. The point is to confirm the presence of an official place of residence; tickets for the return journey or further on the route of travel; sometimes, but not necessarily, border guards require confirmation of financial solvency. A tourist must have money with him at a rate of up to $ 60 daily for one person.
If everything is OK with the documents, the border service officer will put an entry stamp with the date – this is the visa.
A visa upon arrival is issued for a limited period of time – thirty days. A tourist can apply for an extension of the time of stay, for which it is necessary to explain his purpose.
Traveling with children.
Often parents take their children with them to the islands. If the child is well tolerated by a long journey, air or sea, nothing is wrong here. It will take at least a day, but the impression will be fantastic.
The island of Niue obeys the universal requirements of crossing the border by minors. Parents or accompanying persons must have such documents with them:
sv-about the birth. If you have an insert about citizenship, it’s calmer to take this document; own passport issued by the migration service to the child; if your own foreign passport has not yet been received and the child is inscribed in the parent document, you must have his original and, in any case, a copy; visa for the country of visa entry, affixed in the child’s own passport or on the page of the parent document. It is important that the visa is open not only to the parent, but also to the child – a separate stamp or sticker; if the child crosses the border on his own, when accompanied by a third person, both parents must write a power of attorney to the accompanying person and notarize; if a minor arrived only with his mother or father, the notary consent for a trip from a second parent who does not participate in the journey is not necessary unless he submitted a statement that he did not agree with the removal of his child. Such information can be obtained in advance by consulting the staff of the Border Control Department.
Crystal clear water, beautiful diving, lack of developed tourist infrastructure, visa-free regime make a trip to Niue a wonderful option for island rest.
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If I’m not mistaken with the interpretation of the facts, the concept of a visa in Niue exists, and the visa itself is not in nature (well, except for the border guard stamp). I wonder how it was before the island became part of New Zealand. Such a tiny state could hardly afford to have representative offices abroad. In general, to get to Niue you need a New Zealand visa with a two-entry permit.
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