How to apply for a residence permit for a student in Greece.
Firstly, I would immediately advise you to apply for information to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is there that the most current and correct list of documents. Secondly, I want to talk about the list of documents that I collected:
1. Outbound. Passport of the Russian Federation, as well as copies of all its pages (even empty ones). The passport itself remains with you, and copies go into private business.
2. Medical insurance. I want to talk more about it. The website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs indicates that the insurance must be from the insurance company of Greece, this is important. Since when registering a student visa, it was necessary to arrange insurance for a Russian company for a year, and it was insured every day, that is, 365. We have this rather expensive insurance. I want to note that I already had an annual insurance for the Schengen, that is, 90 days. This insurance was free, a premium program of a card master card of one Russian bank. But she was not accepted at the Consulate. Therefore, I found the most profitable insurance company, where when the contract was terminated before the commencement of its operation, there was the smallest percentage of the fine. After receiving the visa, I terminated the insurance contract and returned the money. In Thessaloniki, I took out insurance in the company “Intersalonika” valued at 130 euros.
3. Two photos: the format “as a passport & quot; – Photographers know. To be photographed without make-up, without ornaments (earrings, chains to remove), hair collected, open forehead and ears. Clothes – top monophonic, not white. Plus a CD with a photo in JPEG format since 2000.
Confirmation from the School of Greek.
5. An extract from the bank about the status of the account (the more, the better – at the rate of 400 euros per month). I already wrote about the opening of the account. But I must say about the extract separately. When I opened the account, I did not require any confirmation of whether my phone number was mine, but it was required for discharge. Therefore, I had to go to the office of my operator and take this information. Within 20 minutes I was given a bank statement. Of course, before that, you need to put money on the account (about 2000 euros will be enough).
6. Paid paravolos for the amount of 150 euros. I paid through the private office, about which I wrote in the previous article concerning the AFM. This procedure took me 10 minutes, though I could not print the check, but I unpacked paravolo itself, there is a number on it. When I handed in the documents I was asked to check, I explained that I paid for it on the site and did not find where it could be printed. The employee phoned with someone and it turned out that they have a single base and, by the number of paravolos, they see whether it is paid for or not. You can also solve the problem with the old-fashioned paralo, that is, go to the KEP, take paravolos there, and then pay it in any bank.
Paravalo, which must be paid.
7. Folder with elastic bands (regular cardboard), required. In it, your documents are put.
8. Another document that is not on the list, but a copy of which is actually taken is a lease agreement.
That’s the whole list, to collect it really independently, without the help of any intermediaries. The Ministry (address – Kathigitou Rossidou 12, Kalamaria 55131) is better to come to the end of the day, since in the morning the queues are insane (working hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9:00 to 13:00, on Wednesday the issuance of residence permits) . I went to 11-30, I had a number 42 (the numbers are taken at the entrance), but until the end of the reception, I handed over everything. Documents are handed in in the 14th room. Take quite a long time, I was sitting at the reception for 20 minutes.
I filled out the application that the employee gave me. I was told that I will be informed of the readiness of the residence permit by SMS, and also the letter will come to the e-mail. In this institution, I met my fellow countryman, a Rostov resident, who explained to me that the term of the residence permit was 2 months, so I’ll wait, if I’ll be ready before I write it.