How realistic is it to get refugee status in Germany?
More and more citizens are seeking refugee status in Germany. Why is this happening?
Unofficially, the figures are announced that since March 2014 about 3,500 people from Ukraine have moved to Germany. It is impossible to trace this flow officially, because there is no central body in the Ukrainian community of this country where migrants could turn.
The argument that the real flow of citizens from Ukraine who came to get refugee status in Germany is in fact small, is that it is not so easy to achieve in terms of opportunities and finances. Another argument is the universally recognized norm of international law, according to which one can apply for asylum only in the territory of the country that was the first to escape from their native places. Therefore, naturally, more people are recognized as such in the neighboring countries of Ukraine.
Often, former residents of western Ukraine fall into Germany, which can in no way be said to be refugees in the true sense of the word. While adventurers are trying to gain a foothold in Germany by hook or by crook, those people who really need help live where there is actually war.
The policy of Germany.
The problem of people seeking shelter in another country is a rather complicated and ambiguous phenomenon. The official position of the relevant department of Germany is to make decisions individually in each specific case, after considering all the nuances.
Based on the results of the consideration of the first 147 applications received in 2014, it is possible to draw conclusions about how realistic it is to obtain refugee status for citizens of Ukraine in Germany:
9 people received the status; 27 applications were rejected; 6, the applicants were granted subsidiary protection, that is, they received the right to reside in the country, but the refugee status was not granted; 105 applications received a different solution (for example, the decision of this issue is not within the competence of the German state, or the applicant himself withdrew his application).
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It is possible that in the future there will still be a large influx of immigrants from Ukraine, as this phenomenon often does not occur immediately, but about a year after the crisis. And the antiterrorist operation in Ukraine began only in April 2014.
What should be ready for people seeking help in Germany.
In Germany, as in other states, in the application for the provision of the relevant provision, personal data (name, date of birth) should be indicated, and the reasons for the departure should be specified in detail. An obligatory requirement is the existence of evidence of seeking help from the state authorities. If there are none, it will be necessary to give exhaustive answers, why they can not be provided. At the interview, the refugee will certainly find out how he got into the country, whether there were other safe countries on his way and why he could not get refugee status there.
The Ukrainians arriving in Germany live in camps specially built for immigrants. There refugees live temporarily not only from Ukraine, but also from other regions. Residents can not leave them for long. German camps have all the necessary amenities, but they do not have any excesses. The monetary allowance is determined in such a size that it suffices only for the most necessary. People do not have the right to study or work. Many do not stand up and come back – then the failed refugees are put on the “black” list, which makes it very difficult to get a visa to any other country.
In fact, it is very difficult to get such a status for a Ukrainian. Trusting the promises of some Ukrainian firms that promise to help register the refugee status, there are no rational grounds. There is a well-worked out scheme, according to which a refugee lawyer is hired in Germany, a person composes a “legend”. At that time the information is on check, the status of the person is not defined, but there are no guarantees of a positive outcome of a question and reception of corresponding privileges.
Legal regulation.
Refugee status is a concept that is defined by international law.
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There are several reasons why a person is deprived of the right to seek refugee status. Unequivocally, the reason will be conviction for serious violations of the law. Other reasons are determined by agreements between countries and the host country.
The refugee status can really be obtained even in a country that did not sign the Convention. Details of the procedure in different laws may differ, but everywhere the most difficult is not technical issues, but to prove their right to register refugee status.
Should I ask for a special situation?
Those who think that getting a refugee is the most suitable way of immigration to Western countries are mistaken. This is a rather complicated method to live in the chosen country.
Social support is not forever. It is possible to move within the state only with the permission of the relevant department. If in the native state of the migrant there have been reforms in a democratic way, a person can “ask” to return.